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Chicago Still & Box Alarm fire, 12-2-13

This from Chicago Fire Department Incidents:

E68 E96 T53 T29 BC8 T35 BC13 SQD2 A7 454 271 E125 E117 TL14 222 BC7 BC12 453 460. Still & Box. North & Menard. Fire in rear of 150 x 175 factory. 2 lines lead out 2 ladders to the roof.

Chicago Still & Box Alarm fire 12-2-13

Chicago Fire Department Incidents

Chicago Still & Box Alarm fire 12-2-13

Chicago Fire Department Incidents

Chicago Still & Box Alarm fire 12-2-13

Chicago Fire Department Incidents

Chicago Still & Box Alarm fire 12-2-13

Chicago Fire Department Incidents

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Village raises fees to assist Glen Ellyn VFD

The Daily Herald has an article outlining an increase in ambulance fees in Glen Ellyn.

Glen Ellyn is preparing to raise ambulance fees for nonresidents and to charge for some emergency calls it previously handled for free.

Trustees this week unanimously approved three changes to the fee structure to take effect June 15, 2014, with an eye toward offsetting rising costs.

“The fees play an important role in allowing the village to deliver exceptional (emergency medical service),” Assistant Village Manager Al Stonitsch said. “While they don’t produce a profit, they do help defray some of the costs.”

Officials, for example, said the village spent $1,055,372 in fiscal 2012-13 to provide ambulance service but collected only $744,544 in fees.

Under the first change approved this week, nonresident fees for two types of advanced life-support services will increase by $103 and $219, respectively, from the previous rates of $1,097 and $1,181. Resident fees and fees for basic life-support will remain at their current rates.

A second change is the adoption of two new fee categories for calls where patients are treated but not transported, and for citizen assist calls. The village does not currently charge for such calls, but noted they account for roughly 25 percent of ambulance responses each year.

In researching 18 comparable communities and fire districts, officials found many already are charging for such “treat/no transport” calls. Naperville, near the lower end, charges $50 for residents and $100 for nonresidents. The cost in Hinsdale is $450 and $650, respectively.

Village officials recommended the board adopt fees of $100 and $150 for “treat/no transport” calls and $50 and $100, respectively, for citizen assists.

In adding the fees for citizen assists, officials hope to discourage calls that don’t require an ambulance, Fire Chief Jim Bodony said.

Bodony said those calls frequently involve elderly residents who may have fallen out of bed at home or at a senior care facility.

“We get the call because they’ve fallen and just need the fire department to get them back in bed,” he said.

Village officials said adding a fee would prevent senior care facilities from using EMS as a backup when they don’t have adequate staff.

“I don’t know about the other trustees, but I would favor a higher nonresident rate for the senior facilities that are basically using the paramedics as their backup because they don’t want to pay for the nighttime help,” Trustee Tim Elliott said.

To soften the impact of the citizen assist fee, particularly among low-frequency users, village officials had proposed a “three strike” rule in which patients who receive citizen assist service would not be billed until the fourth occurrence.

The board eventually tabled that proposal.

Trustees also approved a third change to adopt an annual fee escalation clause that will increase by 2 percent or the Consumer Price Index, whichever is lower. That change will begin in June 2016.

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A previous post on funding for the Glen Ellyn VFD.


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Hoffman Estates considers new alert system for fire department

This from Ron Wolkoff … the source is unclear:

Hoffman Estates firefighters may soon be benefiting from an improved alerting system and new mobile computers for five fire department vehicles.

While meeting as the public health and safety committee Monday, the Hoffman Estates village board reviewed a request to waive bidding and purchase $206,200 in new fire station alerting equipment for each of the village’s four fire stations.

The new equipment will replace systems that are more than 20 years old. It will match the master control panel that was installed in each station last year by the department’s dispatching center — Northwest Central Dispatch System — when it switched to a new computerized dispatch system.

Benefits of the new equipment include escalating tone signals and clear voice announcements, which will likely reduce cardiac stress and anxiety in firefighters and improve response time.

“Even before all the dispatch information is verbalized, there are scrolling screens and special lights on the ceiling that come on that inform members of the station that they’re going to be due to respond,” said Fire Chief Jeff Jorian.

The system is also equipped with an automatic power supply, ensuring emergency calls won’t be missed if the fire station experiences a power outage.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant to the department that will cover 80 percent of the cost of the new equipment.

The village will cover the remaining 20 percent, with nearly $31,000 from reserves in the general fund and about $10,300 from reserves in the EDA administration fund.

In addition to the new alerting equipment, the board also reviewed a request to waive bidding and purchase $31,000 worth of new mobile work stations to be installed in a new fire engine that has yet to be purchased and four existing vehicles in the fleet. The current mobile computer equipment in the four existing vehicles was installed in 2007 and 2008.

The village’s 2013 operating budget contains funding for the purchase of the mobile work stations.

Final board approval for the purchase of the mobile work stations and the alerting system is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 2.


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