From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

  • The Spring Valley Fire Department ordered an E-ONE Typhoon pumper
  • The Evergreen Park Fire Department ordered an E-ONE 100′ ladder truck and a Cyclone II pumper
  • Dyer Fire Department’s new stainless steel E-ONE eMAX pumper on a Typhoon chassis is in the final stages
Dyer Fire Department fire engine

The E-ONE Typhoon eMAX rescue pumper is almost completed. Fire Service, Inc. photo

  • Wilmette FD’s E-ONE eMAX rescue engine is nearing completion.
Wilmette Fire Department fire engine

E-ONE eMAX engine for Wilmette on the line. Fire Service, Inc. photo

  • Northfield FD’s E-ONE eMAX rescue pumper on the chassis line. This will be the first apparatus for Northfield FD with a new black over red paint scheme for the cab.
Northfield Fire Rescue Department

Cab for Northfield’s new engine at the plant. Fire Service, Inc. photo