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Grayslake Fire Station 3

Jeff Rudolph visited the newest station for the Grayslake Fire Protection District and submitted images to update the website.

Grayslake Fire Protection District

Grayslake Fire Protection District Station 3. Jeff Rudolph photo

Grayslake Fire Protection District

Grayslake Engine 2722 is housed at Station 3. Jeff Rudolph photo

MABAS Division 4 & 5 Wildland Team

Also housed at this fire station is the Division 4 &5 wildland team Unit 6973, a 1994 Ford F-800/Boise Mobile 750/500/20A. This unit is X-US Forest Service. Jeff Rudolph photo


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Area E-ONE apparatus updates

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

  • The Spring Valley Fire Department ordered an E-ONE Typhoon pumper
  • The Evergreen Park Fire Department ordered an E-ONE 100′ ladder truck and a Cyclone II pumper
  • Dyer Fire Department’s new stainless steel E-ONE eMAX pumper on a Typhoon chassis is in the final stages
Dyer Fire Department fire engine

The E-ONE Typhoon eMAX rescue pumper is almost completed. Fire Service, Inc. photo

  • Wilmette FD’s E-ONE eMAX rescue engine is nearing completion.
Wilmette Fire Department fire engine

E-ONE eMAX engine for Wilmette on the line. Fire Service, Inc. photo

  • Northfield FD’s E-ONE eMAX rescue pumper on the chassis line. This will be the first apparatus for Northfield FD with a new black over red paint scheme for the cab.
Northfield Fire Rescue Department

Cab for Northfield’s new engine at the plant. Fire Service, Inc. photo

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