This from Dennis McGuire, Jr.:

The Alsip FD was toned out for a fire at 12813 Kenneth this evening and arrived to heavy smoke from a 2 sty Ordinary condo building 50×75. First engine laid a lead to the hydrant and advanced 2 lines into the structure making a quick knock on the fire. Command did elevate the alarm to a full still but struck it out 10 minutes later.
Companies on Scene:
Oak Lawn
Palos Heights
Blue Island
North Palos
Seagrave fire engine at fire scene

Alsip’s newest engine with lines off at the scene. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

fire engine with hose off at fire scene

An Alsip engine lead out to a hydrant halfway down the block. THis was a deadened street. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

Crestwood FD tower ladder at fire scene

Crestwood’s truck with the main to the roof. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

apartment fire in Alsip 3-15-13

Overal vew of the scene. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo