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Old Darien Woodridge FPD engine for sale

Kevin G found Darien Woodridge’s X-spare engine listed for sale HERE

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Glenview might get new headquarters

The Glenview Announcements has an article about a possible redevelopment in downtown Glenview which would include GFD headquarters Station 6.

 In a downtown Glenview revitalization plan, a developer has submitted a proposal for a large mixed-use project.

The building would be on the south side of the 1800 block of Glenview Road and require buying four land parcels between Pine and Church streets.

The developer, Trammel Crow in Oakbrook, also would purchase one of the parcels where the Fire Station 6 is located at 1815 Glenview Road and the rear parking lot.

In return, the village is considering moving the fire station to the former police station on Waukegan Road, just south of Village Hall.

The entire article is HERE.

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Batavia considers putting ESDA under fire chief

The Daily Herald has an article about a Batavia councilman proposing that the emergency and disaster agency should be under the fire department:

 Batavia’s Emergency Services and Disaster Agency should be supervised by the fire chief, a city council committee recommended this week.

Current ESDA director Jeff Glaser opposes the plan. He has led the agency, as a part-time employee, for 35 years. The rest of ESDA’s members are volunteers.

“We just aren’t the same town we used to be,” McGrath said, noting the increase in population, the increased expertise of the fire department and a trend for the fire department to handle fewer actual fires. McGrath also said the mayor doesn’t have “the time or expertise” like a professional worker to supervise ESDA. Glaser is appointed by and reports to the mayor. The ESDA director should be supervised daily; follow city policy on fiscal matters, inventory of equipment and other things; and be subject to termination if the job isn’t being done well, McGrath said.

Under the proposal, the fire chief would be the ESDA coordinator. An ESDA manager would report to him. ESDA volunteers would report to the ESDA manager. It would be up to the city council whether the ESDA manager would be a paid employee, McGrath said. The new 2013 budget doesn’t include any money for a paid ESDA worker; in the past, it allocated $10,000. The 2013 budget for ESDA is $29,183, which includes $17,000 to install a tornado siren near Louise White Elementary School.

Schielke believes the change would make it more likely the Illinois Emergency Management Agency would accredit ESDA. With state accreditation, Batavia would be eligible for grants from the federal Homeland Security Department and could buy new equipment. Two of ESDA’s vehicles are 60-some-year-old Army trucks. The last new vehicle ESDA got from the city was a Jeep Cherokee in 1995 that it still uses.

ESDA operates and maintains the city’s outdoor warning weather sirens. It assists with scene control, such as at fires, traffic accidents and large public gatherings such as the July 4 fireworks show. It has lighting rigs to illuminate rescues, three boats for water and ice rescues, and an ambulance. One of the Army trucks has been outfitted to fight grass fires. It maintains the city’s disaster supplies, and would supervise the city hall shelter during a disaster.

The entire can be found HERE.

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