The following is the second of a 3-part series from Dave Weaver, organizer of the Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show  www.EmergencyVehicleShow.com

In 1990, X-Engine 8 (D-374) along with its sister rig X-Engine 106 (D-375), were part of the 2nd set of rigs sent to be rehabbed. They were the last two rigs to come back in June of 1990. D-374 and D-375 were both leased to the production company that created the movie Backdraft. D-374 was marked as Engine 17 from 7/90-2/91 and as Engine 51 from 10/90-2/91 (the rig whose hose bed saw “action” inside Engine 8’s house). During filming, the Engine 17 interior shots and the majority of the exterior shots were done using X-Engine 8. X-Engine 106 was also marked as Engine 17 during certain scenes. A way to tell the difference is that Engine 8’s interior had diamond plate and was painted gloss black, while Engine 106 had a flat black interior with no diamond plate. Another difference is that X-Engine 106’s siren speaker was mounted higher up in front of the windshield glass.
CFD engine from the movide Backdraft

The cab interior.

When filming was completed, D-374 was assigned to Engine 69 at 4017 N. Tripp Ave. Engine 69 was responsible for pumping out the basement of City Hall during the Great Flood of 1992.  It was part of Chicago’s short-lived super-pumper program, which carried four hard suction lines and 1000′ of 5″ LDH. Its’ 140-gallon foam tank was installed with expressway responses in mind. Engine 69 was taken out of service on 6/13/95. Engine 69’s transmission/PTO box was removed in order to keep Engine 34 in service after they blew out their gears while driving. On 8/28/96, Engine 69 was sold at auction and purchased by Erickson Trucks-n-Parts.  It was first shipped to their yard in Sturtevant, WI and it eventually arrived in their Jackson, MN bone yard in 1997. It was discovered there by its current owner in 1999. He eventually purchased it in 2003 and began its restoration.
CFD Engine from the movie Backdraft

Backdraft Engine 17 on the day it was purchased.

After filming, X-Engine 106 (D-375) was assigned to Engine 113. It also eventually was sold at auction to Erickson Trucks-n-Parts and made its way to the Jackson, MN bone yard to sit alongside Engine 69. Engine 113 is currently in the hands of a friend of Engine 69’s current owner, but it is in very rough shape and might possibly end up as a parts rig for the Engine 17 project. Engine 14 (X-E113) also ended up in Jackson, MN. It was completely stripped of salvageable parts, had its cab chopped off, and then shredded.
CFD engine from the movie Backdraft

December 20, 2003.

Engine 34 (X-Engine 49), which never saw time in Backdraft, was made into an Engine 17 clone before being sold in 1999 or 2000 to the East Norwegian Twp. PA FD where, until recently, it had been incorrectly touted as authentic. That rig was spotted for sale online stripped of it markings a couple of years ago and its current whereabouts are unknown.
CFD engine from the movie Backdraft.

Rear jump seat behind the officer.