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Patron punches sprinkler at SpyBar has an article about a guy who decided to punch a sprinkler head in a downtown nightclub.

Nobody knows why he decided to knock the sprinkler head off in an area that has a low ceiling, but the resulting waterfall soon left several inches of water inside the SpyBar, a popular night spot on N. Franklin St. in Chicago.  The water also got into the floor DJ equipment causing some major damage with it.

Check out the post HERE and the mug shot.

The Chicago Tribune has an article HERE.

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Plainfield engine damaged at accident site – update

Bill Friedrich submitted an image of the Plainfield engine that was struck at the accident site with the following note:

… here is a shot of the engine that was side swiped on I-55. Plainfield FPD Engine 1941 was hit by the pump panel causing moderate damage. The engine was blocking for the ambulance. Engine 1941 is back in service and will be repaired in-house by the department mechanic. The engine crew was very lucky no one was seriously injured.
Plainfield FPD Engine 1941 Pierce Arrow XT

Plainfield Engine 1941 is a 2008 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/1000 shown here shortly after it was delivered. Bill Friedrich photo

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A look at several old and new CFD firehouses

Steve Redick took advantage of some mild weather two weeks ago to visit some old and new firehouses in Chicago. He describes his journey:

… after leaving downtown I visited Eng 109’s old house. Not a bad shot considering the time of day.

Chicago Fire Department Engine 109's fire house

Engine 109's recently vacated house at 2538 S. Whipple. Steve Redick photo

I then ventured to the new house at 2343 S Kedzie where the companies exit the north doors. This place seems to have a hose tower mid structure and like the others is very sprawling.  All things considered I sure like the old house better but this is a much improved location for egress.
Chicago Fire Department new fire house Engine 109

Engine 109's new house at 2343 S. Kedzie Avenue was opened October 19, 2011. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department new fire house Engine 109

This shot encompasses the entire structure. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department new fire house Engine 109

The front of Engine 109's new house on Kedzie. Steve Redick photo

More information about the construction of and opening of this house and similar houses can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

My last stop was old Engine 38…they really did a number on this place..Nice to see it taken care of but sad.
Chicago Fire Department former fire house of Engine 38

Engine 38's former house at 2111 S. Hamlin is now a community arts center. Steve Redick photo

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