The Daily Herald today has a follow-up article about Monday’s plane crash. They reference recordings from the cockpit to the controllers:

Someone on board the Piper PA-31 medical plane that crashed in Riverwoods radioed air traffic controllers claiming the plane was out of fuel and coasting, a control tower audio recording shows.

The call to the Chicago-area Terminal Radar Approach Control in Elgin declared an emergency just before the plane crashed Monday night near Portwine Road, according to audio recordings.

The pilot — or a pilot-rated passenger who may have been manning the radio — told an air traffic controller the plane was out of fuel and unable to make it to Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling.

In the audio recording, a voice on the plane is heard telling a controller, “We are declaring an emergency.”

The controller asks: “Lifeguard 773” — the plane’s call sign — “Do you still want to land at Palwaukee?”

A different voice on the plane replied: “Unable. We are out of fuel and we are coasting.”

The entire article can be found HERE.