An article in Monday’s Daily Herald discusses a skirmish between the Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District and the Village of Campton Hills over the construction of a new fire station.  Below are excerpts from the article.

Campton Hills officials have now brought a cease-and-desist order to the battle over construction of a new fire station in the district.

“The Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District has not been acting in good faith in its relationship with the village,” said Village President Patsy Smith in a written statement.

Smith said once it became clear the fire district wanted to build a fire station the village tried to speed up the review process only to see the district fail to supply information and documents about the fire station to the village for the past six weeks. Smith said the district’s withdrawal of the permit application only prolongs the process.

“They cannot legally continue building without the proper approvals,” Smith wrote. “What is needed at this point is for the fire district end its ‘gamesmanship’ and deal with the village and the citizens of the fire district in a straightforward manner. The lives of our citizens are at stake, and the village board does not appreciate the fire district’s deceptive methods of conducting business.”

The entire article can be found HERE.
Thanks to Dennis McGire, Jr. for keeping an eye on the new district.