Chicago Engine 60 received their new Spartan Gladiator/Crimson high-pressure pumper (shop #D-654).

Chicago Fire Department Engine 60

Engine 60 put their new 2010 Crimson engine into service this week. It carries shop #D-654. Gordon J. Nord, Jr. photo


As mentioned previously, Truck 51 has put their new Spartan Gladiator/Crimson 103′ aerial (shop #E-336) into service as well. There is a decal in memory of FF William F. Grant.¬†FireFighter Grant, a 20 year veteran of the Chicago Fire Department, died Friday March 23, 2007 at age 44 from injuries sustained in a traffic accident while Truck 51 was en-route to a call.

Chicago Fire Department Truck 51

Truck 51 received one of the five 2010 Spartan Gladiator, Crimson 103' rear mount aerials that were delivered to the city. Truck 51 carries a memorial decal for FF William F. Grant. Gordon J. Nord, Jr. photo

Our thanks to Lyons Fire Chief Gordon J. Nord, Jr. for submitting these images.