reports HERE that Oshkosh is closing the Medtec facilities in Pidgeon, MI and Goshen, IN and moving production to the Pierce facility in Bradenton, FL.

Its Medtec Ambulance unit will be relocated and consolidated with Pierce Manufacturing in Bradenton, adding 100 to 150 manufacturing and office employees.

The planned relocations will qualify Oshkosh for up to $1.44 million in economic development incentives, with the state of Florida contributing $1.07 million; Manatee County, $333,732; and Pinellas County, $40,000.

Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles, with plants in Harvey and Calumet City, is also moving to Florida.

Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles, which makes high-tech mobile medical imaging vehicles and transportable trailers, is relocating work from manufacturing plants in Harvey and Calumet City, Ill. It will merge with the Clearwater operation of Frontline, a maker of command and communications vehicles and broadcast vehicles.

For the new Clearwater jobs, Oshkosh has pledged to pay an average annual salary of at least $57,897 — 150 percent of Pinellas County’s average annual wage of $38,598.

The information, which has not yet been posted to the Pierce or Oshkosh websites, comes from the St Petersburg Times HERE.

Brandenton.Com also has an article which states in part …

Pierce Manufacturing is expected to start hiring by March for the positions that are much-needed in Manatee County where unemployment is 12.6 percent with 18,267 jobless.

John Daggett, spokesman for Oshkosh Corp., said the consolidation will result in layoffs throughout its Midwest plants with the companies relocating to Bradenton and Clearwater.

Medtec Ambulances will cut 45 people at its headquarters in Goshen, Ind.; 60 people at its manufacturing plant in Goshen, and 70 at its plant in White Pigeon, Mich. Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles will release 80 employees at its Illinois facilities.