Worth a read … Although not having to do with the Chicago area, most people know about the wildfire burning out of control in Israel. The international community is responding to aid the Israelis where more than 50 people have already died. This number includes 40 prison guards that were burned to death while on a bus en-route to assist with the evacuation of prison that was in the fire’s path.

Wildire Today has a comprehensive article HERE that lists the countries sending aid and the progression of the fire. They have another post HERE depicting the deployment of the world’s only Boeing 747 that has been fitted as a tanker for firefighting operations. For those interested in this supertanker, a few older articles provide some background HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Firegeezer also has extensive coverage with videos HERE.

A short perspective with some photos from an Israeli firefighter can be seen HERE.