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New truck for Niles

Niles Truck 2, the 1992 Pierce Lance TDA, has been out of service for several months. The aerial device is not usable and they have been running with ‘Quint 2′ or if need be they have run the tiller as a service truck. They have purchased a used, 1998, Pierce Lance, 105’ rear mount quint that was formerly from Trotwood, OH. The listing for this unit can be viewed HERE. The new Truck 2 is currently at the Niles Public Works being readied for service.

Niles Truck 2 Trotwood, OH

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Countryside training with new rigs

The Countryside Fire Department in MABAS Division 4 has been hosting several days of training for their firefighters and neighboring departments as well. Countryside has two of their new units working at the training site. These are the IHC/US Tanker 2,000-gallon tanker (tender) and the IHC/Rosenbauer Timberwolf interface engine. Dan McInerney forwarded several images from Wednesday’s work.

Dan writes the following description about the training:

It’s in a two story house on a five acre plot. The house was built in 1948. It is masonary construction with lathe and plaster over true dimensional lumber. All three Countryside (CTYD) shifts will participate Wed, Thu, and Fri. The CTYD POCs will train Thursday night. Other depts: Lake Zurich, Wauconda, and Lincolnshire – Riverwoods, are sending an engine each day with their on-duty crews. Water is being “tendered” in and drafted out of a portable tank by the wildland engine for the primary attack hoselines, and off the tender as a secondary/backup water source. Evolutions are consisting of hose advancement and fire attack. Due to the construction of the house, the fire evolutions are pretty good and so far the upstairs rooms have withstood a tremendous amount of abuse. They sure don’t build them like this anymore! Also, as an interesting side note, there is a house on an island in the middle of Countryside Lake that we will eventually burn down, but not train in. ¬†It is only accessible by boat!

Countryside FPD IHC Rosenbauer interface engine

Engine 415 is a 2010, IHC 4400, Rosenbauer, Timberwolf, interface engine with a 1,250-gpm pump and 750 gallons of water. Dan McInerney photo

Countryside FPD Rosenbauer Timberwolf US Tanker tender

This photo shows Tender 411 and Engine 415 at the portable tank in preparation of supplying several hand lines for companies working at the fire. With the rear pump design of the engine, the drafting is done from the rear. Dan McInerney photo

Countryside Rosenbauer Timberwolf engine

A rear view of the new Rosenbauer engine show the pump and operator's panel which are located at the rear of the unit. Dan McInerney photo

Countryside FPD US Tanker dumping water

Tanker 411 dumps it's tank, via a side dump valve, into the portable tank to enable drafting operations from the engine. Dan McInerney photo

Countryside FPD Pierce Dash engine

Countryside's Engine 411, a 2001 Pierce Dash 2000/1000/30 was also at the training site. Dan McInerney photo

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