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Chicago 2-11 alarm fire in Rogers Park

Fire broke out in a three-story apartment building this afternoon around 1PM in Rogers Park. First arriving units reported flames through the roof. Shortly thereafter the 9th Battalion requested a Box Alarm  and then a 2-11 as fire involved units on the second and third floors of the building at the corner of Newgard Avenue and Northshore Avenue. Tower 21, Truck 47, and Truck 25 had their aerials deployed in addition to multiple ground ladders. Engines 59, 70, 71, and 102 (running with a spare #D546) were all pumping.

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Tower 21 in sector 1 had to fight with some trees to reach the building. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Truck 47 was setup on the corner of sectors 1 and 2. This is one of the oldest Pierce ladder trucks in the city. It was purchased along with Truck 52, and both were delivered in 2000. There were no orders for additional Pierce units at the time. Chicago also received nine E-ONE ladders and an American LaFrance/LTI tower ladder that year. Trucks 47 and 52 have the only Pierce ladders that were painted white. All of the subsequent purchases including the tower ladders were painted gray. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Engine 59 was also in sector 1. They run with a 1998 HME SFO/Luverne engine. This series of engines are unique to Chicago in that their water tanks actually hold 535 gallons instead of the customary 500 gallons. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

The north side of the fire building (sector 2) runs along Northshore Avenue. This access made it easier for companies to through multiple ground ladders without having to navigate a courtyard or gangway between two buildings. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

One of the CFD chaplains is Rabbi Moshe Wolf. Rabbi Wolf is known throughout the CFD for having pockets full of candy which he hands out at fire scenes. Here he is performing his signature service. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

A small gallery of images that were taken after the 2-11 was struck out can be seen HERE.

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Glen Ellyn General Alarm

Trowa Barton submitted the following information and images.

These were taken from my cell phone.  Willow Lakes Apartment fire. Engines 25, 26, and 27,  Tower 30, Snorkel 31, Squad 38, Medics 21, and 22 and Chiefs 01, 02, 03, and 04 were all on scene. York Center 77 was on scene also. Medic 22 left with what looked like a family of two or three to a hospital. This happened at around 930 at night on 11/5/10

Glen Ellyn Fire Department Snorkel

Glen Ellyn Snorkel 31

Glen Ellyn Fire Department

Glen Ellyn Engine

Glen Ellyn Fire Department

Glen Ellyn Tower 30

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Glenview Fire at Park District Facility

Flames were reported to be 40 feet in the air by police units when they arrived at the Glenview Park District Facility at 1100 Roosevelt Avenue just after midnight this morning. When Glenview Fire Department companies arrived  they initiated a defensive attack prior to requesting a MABAS Box Alarm for additional units. The building incorporated offices on one end and equipment storage throughout the rest. Several vehicles were destroyed along with the building. Several hand lines operated as well as elevated master streams from Northfield Truck 29 (E-ONE) and Glenview Truck 14 (Pierce).  Three engines from Glenview and one from Wilmette were pumping at this fire.

Glenview Box Alarm fire at 1100 Roosevelt Avenue 11-7-10

Thick smoke pours out of the northeast corner of the Glenview Park facility at 1100 Roosevelt Avenue un the early morning house of November 7th. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview Box Alarm fire 11-7-10 at 1100 Roosevelt Avenue

Northfield firefighters try to cool down a section of the building to stave off a flash over as the opposite end of the complex is a raging inferno. . Larry Shapiro photo

Photos and videos by Larry Shapiro and Steve Redick can be seen HERE and HERE.

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