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Chicago apparatus on-scene

Steve Redick submitted several images from a 2-11 alarm fire on the 13th of October. His summary is:

1340 E 72nd St last night…traffic was horrendous so there was nothing for me by the time I arrived. The fire involved a large ornate vacant rectory, with what I think was a gable roof. The fire bldg was attached by a walkway on the first floor to the body of a very large traditional style church. It appeared to me that the fire was all top floor and attic so exposure risk was pretty minimal. In my shots of the rear you can see the debris pile from what I assume was the collapsed gable roof. Lots of spares at this job….

Chicago Fire Department Spartan Luverne pumper

This 2002 Spartan/Luverne engine is currently part of the spare apparatus. It is shop #D598 and was previously assigned to Engine 82 at 817 E. 91st Street. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 126

Engine 126 from 7913 S. Kingston is running with a 2001 Spartan/Luverne, shop #D583. This 2001 model is almost indistinguishable from the engines delivered in 2002. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 122 2009 Spartan Crimson engine

Engine 122 has one of the 2009 raised roof Spartan/Crimson pumpers, shop #D650. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 72 Spartan Crimson

Engine 72 has a 2006 raised roof Spartan Crimson engine bearing shop #D633. This is virtually identical in design to the 2009 unit assigned to Engine 122. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department E-ONE tower ladder

Tower 34 was using this spare 1988 E-ONE Hurricane 95' tower ladder with shop #E265 that was previously assigned to them. Steve Redick photo

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Wilmington is on the site & awaiting a new engine

In MABAS Division 15 (in Will County) the Wilmington Fire Department has been added to the site thanks again to the work of Karl Klotz. Although Karl has a few photos to get of new rigs, Wilmington’s station is well represented. They run with a mixture of apparatus from Pierce, US Tanker, and Seagrave. Their newest piece for the time being is a 2007, Seagrave Maurauder II 100′ quint, but they are expecting an all stainless-steel engine from Seagrave in March. Engine 2611, which is their 1996 Pierce Saber has been sold to a broker, but will remain with the department until the new engine arrives in the Spring.

Wilmington runs Horton ambulances. Their two newest ambulances are Type I models on Ford F-Series’ chassis. The third ambulance as well as the one which was just replaced are Type III styles on Ford E-Series’ chassis.

Wilmington Fire Protection District Seagrave Maurauder II quint 100'

Wilmington covers 105 square miles from their station at 501 N. Water Street although a second station might occur in the not to distant future. They have a full-time chief, 35 part-time firefighters and an additional 35 paid-on-call personnel.

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