Elmhurst Station 2 opened in September and was built on the property in front of the old Station #2. Although we do not have a photo showing both stations together, here is a shot of the new station. Elmhurst is in Division 12 and operates out of two stations.

Elmhurst Fire Station 2 at 601 S. York Road - Photo by Larry Shapiro

In other Elmhurst news, the fire department recently placed two new engines into service. These new rigs bring several changes to this department, the first of which is a move away from a fleet that was entirely EONE. Engines 1 and 2 are now 2009 1500 GPM Pierce Impel pumpers. The second significant change for Elmhurst is moving from their ‘traditional’ color scheme of white over yellow (a school bus golden yellow color) to white over red!

Engine 4 is an EONE Cyclone pumper with the 'traditional' Elmhurst color scheme and a distinctive double striping of dark green over white. - Photo by Larry Shapiro

Elmhurst Engine 1's new Pierce Impel 1500 GPM pumper sporting a white over red paint job and gold lettering. - Photo by Larry Shapiro

Elmhurst Engine 2 is identical to Engine 1. - Photo by Larry Shapiro