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Chicago 5th District updates

Following up on a post from last week about CFD rigs that were photographed at a southside 2-11 alarm fire, 5 new firehouses in the 5th District have been added representing the entire 20th Battalion and 1 house in the 19th Battalion.

Engine 88 (from the 19th Battalion)

Engine 15, Engine 64, Engine 101 and Engine 129 representing the 20th Battalion.



station patch for 15's house

station patch for 15's house

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Lockport updates

Lt. John Matthews of the Lockport Township FPD was kind enough to contribute several images to update the majority of missing photos from their fleet.

Station 1 now has an image of Brush 2 and Reserve Engine 2.

Station 6 now has an image of Truck 5, Reserve Ambulance 1 and Reserve Engine 1.


Station 3 has images of both Ambulance and Engine 3.