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CFD updates

A 2-11 alarm fire on Chicago’s southside the other morning did not pan out for fire photos but did provide a means to add several rigs to this site.  The shots are all at night and will be replaced eventually with daytime photos, but these at least allow for the addition of more companies in the mean time. Included in this group is engine 32‘s brand new Spartan Crimson engine.

Engine 32 - 1 of 6 2009 Spartan Crimson engines that recently went into service

Engine 32 - 1 of 6 2009 Spartan Crimson engines that recently went into service

Other units updated are:

Light Wagon 9-1-5

Engine 34

Hose Wagon 6-1-1

Battalion 21

The following units will be added soon and represent new house listings from the fire scene:

Engine 64 & Ambulance 27

Engine 88 & 4-5-5

Engine 101 & Truck 41

Engine 129 & Truck 50

Engine 15, Battalion 20 & Ambulance 18

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more Division 24 departments go online

Dennis McGuire, Jr. and Karl Klotz have been busy contributing images to bring Division 24 online. The following departments are now on this site:

Tinley Park with 4 stations (images by Karl)

East Hazel Crest (images by Dennis)

Hazel Crest (images by Karl)

Riverdale (images by Dennis)

As a matter of interest, the first three of these departments listed above have the same black over red color scheme in common.

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updated rig photos

Karl Klotz has been vigilant in keeping an eye out for rig shots that are missing from this site.  He recently submitted the following photos:

Northbrook ambulance 12R

Des Plaines engine 64R

Mount Prospect tower 13

Skokie engine 16R

Prospect Heights engine 9

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Wheeling station 24 construction update

Wheeling is in the process of building a new headquarters station 24 on Milwaukee Avenue between Dundee Road and Hintz Road. The police department is anticipating expanding into the entire facility at 255 W. Dundee Road that formerly housed the village hall in addition to police and fire. The village offices moved out earlier this year into a new facility. It is unclear when the fire department will be able to totally vacate the space though due to longer anticipated response times to the north west portion of their district.  A projected third station to cover that area has not yet been settled on.

Artist rendering of Wheeling''s new headquarters station 24

Artist rendering of Wheeling''s new headquarters station 24

Wheeling headquarters station under construction on Milwaukee Avenue - 11-1-09

Wheeling headquarters station under construction on Milwaukee Avenue - 11-1-09

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Rosemont completes Division 1

Rosemont new Pierce tower ladder

Rosemont new Pierce tower ladder

The new addition of the Rosemont Public Safety Department to Division 1 now signifies that all Division 1 departments have been added to this site … with some degree of completion.

Rosemont occupies 2 stations: Sta1 is for Fire Suppression Companies and Sta2 is for EMS units.  They have 5 ambulances in Station 2; #s 167 & 168 are staffed full-time by contract medics and the other 3 units are staffed for large events at the arena.

Rosemont public safety officers are cross-trained as police officers and firefighters and are required to spend time fulfilling both jobs. A rather unique aspect of all Rosemont fire apparatus is that they are equipped with gun lockers to secure the firearms of officers while performing firefighting functions.

Rosemont Pierce Quantum PUC

Rosemont Pierce Quantum PUC

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New tanker (tender) for Elk Grove Township

2009 Freightliner M2106/Midwest Fire 500/2000

2009 Freightliner M2106/Midwest Fire 500/2000

Elk Grove Township Station 11 has placed a new 2000 gallon elliptical tanker built by Midwest Tank into service. The single axle unit is built on a Freightliner M2106 chassis, has a 500GPM PTO pump, carries a Porta-Tank and features pump-and-roll capabilities.

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Elk Grove Station 8 is complete

Thanks to the helpfulness of firefighters at Station 8 in Elk Grove Village, all of the apparatus from that station is now updated on this site.  In addition to an engine and ambulance, this station houses the Elk Grove Special Teams: Dive – Technical Rescue & Haz Mat. Quint 8 also is stationed there as a reserve piece of equipment having been replaced in the not-to-distant past by the engine as a front line unit.

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New photos for Wheeling

An updated photo of Wheeling’s Truck 42 has been added to the posting for Station 24.  The 1994 Sutphen unit had some repairs done last year and received a new paint job making it the last match the balance of the fleet which is now white over red.  The only remaining lime green unit is the ARFF at Station 23.

Wheeling’s Dive Squad 23 and boat have been added to Station 23. This photo replaced the image of Twin Agent 23 which has been removed from service.WHLG_T42(G)lr-LS

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Niles readies new ambulance

A 2009 IHC/Medtec ambulance is going into service at Station 2 in Niles. This will replace a similar 2002 unit. It is unknown if they will keep the all of the ambulances (which will give them 5) or dispose of the oldest one.

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New rig in the works for Highland Park

The Highland Park Fire Department is awaiting delivery of a Crimson engine on a Spartan chassis. This will go into service as Engine 32 on the south end of town and will replace the last front line Seagrave. They currently have 3 (1980s/1990s) Seagrave engines still in town.

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