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Chicago Fire Department history

photo of unknown details from the CFD APPARATUS GROUP ON FACEBOOK

vintage Cadillac ambulance

Jeff Norton

thanks Steve

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Palos Heights Fire Department history

This from Wayne Stuart for #TBT:

With all the new ambulances appearing on the site I thought I would dip into the archives and give a look into the past with this 1966 Cadillac manufactured by the Superior Professional Car  Company. It was a Crowne Royale model and was operated by the Palos Heights Fire Department. The photo was taken in 1979.

wayne stuart photo

1966 Cadillac manufactured by the Superior Professional Car  Company

Wayne Stuart photo

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Garden Homes FPD history

This from Mike Summa:

Here are some old pictures of Garden Homes Fire Department units.  They are from the 1970s.  One is a Dodge ambulance and the other is a 1970s Ford (X-Alsip squad truck) of unknown specifications.  Question– in the 1970s, Dodge ambulances were everywhere.  Now they are a rarity.  What happened?
Mike S.
vintage Dodge ambulance

Mike Summa photo

Garden Homes VFD history

Mike Summa photo

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