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Elk Grove Rural Fire Protection District news (more)

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Talks could resume this week between Mount Prospect and the Elk Grove Rural Fire Protection District to resolve an impasse over fire and emergency medical service within the district’s service area.

Under a proposed agreement recently approved by Mount Prospect trustees, Mount Prospect, Elk Grove Village, and Des Plaines would take over the duties of the fire district, which would dissolve and yield its fire station and equipment. Three new special taxing districts would provide the funding for the municipalities.

Mount Prospect officials say the fire district is running a structural deficit because of a shrinking tax base stemming from annexations, but the fire district has not signed off on the agreement. District officials take issue with the legality of the proposed dissolution, as well as the village’s cost-benefit analysis.

“We don’t believe at this moment that the (agreement) is fair enough to our constituents,” fire district board president Carlos Maldonado said. “However, we want to make sure that we can negotiate something, not just with Mount Prospect, but with the municipalities together.”

A fire protection district trustee accused Mount Prospect of trying to shove an agreement down the district’s throat that is going to take full advantage of them, and said that Mount Prospect still owes the fire district more than $260,000 from a previous agreement.

When asked about the money last week, the Mount Prospect village manager responded, “Why would we pay them, if we’re about to take over those services?”

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Elk Grove Rural Fire Protection District news

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Mount Prospect has agreed to pay the Elk Grove Rural Fire Protection District nearly $2 million over the next three years.

The state requires the village to pay the fire protection district a five-year prorated tax levy payment for newly annexed properties formerly served by the district.

But trustees on Tuesday agreed an accelerated three-year plan presented to the board by Fire Chief Brian Lambel, under which the village would provide payments of $665,000 to the district for each of three years.¬†The agreement, which has also been approved by the fire district’s board, precludes court proceedings between the village and the district.

Last year, Mount Prospect annexed the Lynn Court, Addison Court, Busse Road, East of Creek, Malmo Drive, Nordic Road and Carboy Road territories, as well as the United Airlines property. Before to the annexation, the fire district contracted with American Fire and Rescue to provide emergency services.

“This provides financial stability to the Elk Grove Rural Fire Protection District to be able to operate for the next three years,” Lambel said.

Under the agreement, the Mount Prospect Fire Department still will provide continuing education to Elk Grove Rural Fire Protection District paramedics, while the district will continue to provide mutual aid to Mount Prospect. In addition, both parties agreed to establish a long-term plan for fire protection services to the unincorporated areas.

For several years, the fire protection district expressed concerns over Mount Prospect’s annexations, warning that they would erode the district’s tax base to the point where it would eventually face extinction. Lambel said the village has been in discussions with district Chief Michael Nelson and two members of the district’s board.

“Our goal,” he said, “is to provide options for the district on the future of the incorporated areas and the fire department as a whole.”

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