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2-Alarm fire in Northbrook, 1-16-19 (more)

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Authorities investigating an explosion and fire last week at a home in Northbrook have found no evidence the blaze was intentionally set or to indicate it was suspicious in nature, but the cause remains undetermined.

Fire Chief Andy Carlson said the cause of the blaze remained under investigation, and the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s office will continue to investigate plus experts will be sent out by the insurance company that covers the home and they are expected to look at the home’s appliances, including the furnace.

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2-Alarm fire in Northbrook, 1-16-19 (more)

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Firefighters battle house fire at night

Tim Olk photo

Firefighters battle houses on fire at night

Tim Olk photo

Firefighter battles house fire at night

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2-Alarm fire in Northbrook, 1-16-19 (more)

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A fire that broke out at a home in Northbrook Wednesday morning had three families running for their lives. An off-duty firefighter was on his way to work when he spotted a home in the 2500-block of Melanie Lane fully engulfed by flames. The Northbrook Fire Department was on the scene about 8 minutes later. Helicopter footage shows fire billowing out of the home and spreading to the houses on either side of it.

The woman who owns the home where the fire started said she heard a loud pop, then saw a wall of flames and managed to escape relatively unharmed. The neighbors got out too. 


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2-Alarm fire in Northbrook, 1-16-19

Northbrook firefighters along with mutual aid companies responded to a reported house explosion at 2563 Melanie Lane before 6:30 Wednesday morning (1/16/19). Arriving companies found one house engulfed in flames with fire extending into the exposure buildings on both sides. A Box Alarm was requested and then a 2nd Alarm was requested bringing companies from most of Division 3 to the scene. 

house engulfed by fire at night

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The original house was totally destroyed, one exposure was virtually gutted, and companies were able to contain the fire to the other house with what appeared to be minimal interior damage. Elevated master streams were deployed by Northbrook Tower 12 and Glenview truck 14. Glenview Engine 8, Northbrook Engine 10, and Northbrook Squad 11 were all pumping.

house on fire destroyed by an explosion

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