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Rolling Meadows continues to consider plans for fire stations

The Daily Herald has an article about discussions in Rolling Meadows about relocating the downtown fire station.

Rolling Meadows leaders will decide in April whether to move the downtown fire station or repair or rebuild it.

The council made that pledge Tuesday after hearing a recommendation from Fire Chief Scott Franzgrote that [the] downtown station be moved to New Wilke Road near Central Road and that the city’s other station eventually moved to Hicks Road between Euclid Avenue and Kirchoff Road.

Franzgrote said moving both stations would provide the best response times for the entire city.

While New Wilke’s location on the eastern edge of the city presents political issues with neighboring towns, it is the only north-south street east of Route 53 that goes all the way from Euclid to Golf Road, Franzgrote said. The department’s statistics show that 85 percent of the department’s calls are east of Route 53 or immediately west of that highway. Aid pacts with Arlington Heights and Palatine and the locations of fire stations in those communities entered into the recommendation, he said.

The fire station at 3111 Meadows Drive in downtown is 50 years old, and aldermen describe its condition as an “embarrassment” to the city. The other station at 2455 Plum Grove Road west of Route 53 is 33 years old and in better condition.

Rolling Meadows officials have spent years discussing what to do about fire stations.

The city once had a grant toward the cost of a third station, but the council decided during hard economic times that it could not afford the additional expenses of building and staffing the station.

Aldermen charged Franzgrote with making recommendations that involve just two stations and no increased staffing. The chief showed the council five scenarios for station locations. They are posted on the city’s website at

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Rolling Meadows revisits 3rd station

The Daily Herald has an article describing the results of a study for the Rolling Meadows Fire Department:

Rolling Meadows should work a deal with Arlington Heights to build a third fire station on the city’s east side, a study says. If that doesn’t work, the city’s first station, built in 1958, should be relocated from Kirchoff Road in downtown Rolling Meadows south to Central Road just east of Route 53.

…  another ambulance staffed by two people could improve response times.

According to one set of national standards, the department should be able to answer alarms within four minutes 90 percent of the time. In 2011 Rolling Meadows ambulances reached the victims in four minutes about 68 percent of the time, and fire calls about 66 percent of the time. The department did better according to standards from another group that sets the goal at just over five minutes but still was under 90 percent.

Both the department and the leadership of Northwest Central Dispatch System have already made changes to improve their response times, said Buhs, who presented the study Tuesday night to the Rolling Meadows City Council.

The time goals are based on how quickly someone needs help after a heart attack and the time it takes a fire to reach 1,000 degrees or “flash over,” he said.

Rolling Meadows won grant money to build a third station on Algonquin Road just west of Wilke Road, but the council scuttled that project in 2010 because of economic problems.

City staff has estimated the downtown station will need $500,000 in repairs if it is kept.

Sixty-six percent of Rolling Meadows calls are for ambulances, 13 percent for fires and 21 percent “other,” with false alarms a significant problem.

The entire article is HERE.

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