This from Doug Hoyt:

Following up on the Alsip front-mount “bumper pumpers”, here are a few photos of some Division 2 rigs from the early / mid 80’s.  One is Rutland-Dundee Engine 52, a 1961(?) International, one is Rutland-Dundee Engine 57, a 750 gpm Ford/Darley with a 2000 gal. tank. Sorry that the photos aren’t the best quality; I wasn’t the greatest photographer back then, and some of the pictures got cut off in the printing.  (Still looking for the negatives.) Thanks for the chance to share these!
Doug Hoyt…

Vintage photo of Rutland-Dundee FPD Engine 52

Rutland-Dundee Engine 52. Doug Hoyt photo

Vintage photo of Rutland-Dundee FPD Engine 57

Rutland-Dundee Engine 57. Doug Hoyt photo

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