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Gurnee ambulance

The Gurnee Fire Department in Division 4 (Lake County) has ordered a new ambulance. They are expecting delivery of a 2010, IHC 4300/Wheeled Coach, Type I unit in December. This will replace their Ambulance 1343 which is a 1998, IHC 4700 LoProfile, Road Rescue Type I unit.

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Manhattan new units

The Manhattan Fire Protection District in Will County has received several new vehicles. Last year they took delivery of a 2009 Spartan Gladiator heavy rescue unit from SVI (Super Vac) Trucks in Loveland, Co.

This year they have received a 2010, IHC 4300 Type I MICU from Horton which is assigned as Ambulance 1224 at their Station 2. This replaces a 2002, IHC 4300 Type I MICU from Road Rescue which has been moved to Station 1 and renumbered as Ambulance 1215.

The newest delivery for Manhattan is a 2010, Spartan Gladiator Classic/Alexis engine with a 1,500-GPM pump and a 750-gallon water tank.

Manhattan FPD IL Spartan Alexis engine

Manhattan FPD Engine 1221 is a 2010 Spartan Gladiator Classic/Alexis 1500/750. Manhattan FPD photo

The Manhattan FPD will be added to the site within the next few days. Karl Klotz has submitted images for all of the apparatus with the exception of the two new 2010 vehicles which he hopes to photograph in the next week or so.

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MABAS Division 7 is added to the site

Just when we thought we had a large enough project to undertake … listing each department, each station and every piece of rolling stock in 19 MABAS Divisions … Karl Klotz begins submitting department profiles from a 20th Division, MABAS Division 7 in Kankakee County!

So, we welcome the departments of Division 7 and have posted three of them to get things started.

  • The Grant Park Fire Protection District covers 62 square miles from two stations with 32 paid-on-call firefighters and officers. They have three E-ONE rigs, an engine from American LaFrance, plus ambulances from Horton and Road Rescue. They recently opened a new headquarters station which we mentioned HERE.
Grant Park Fire Department American LaFrance Eagle engine

The Limestone Township Fire Protection District covers a mere 36 square miles from one station with 40 part-time firefighters and officers. They are running with Pierce, Quality, and Ferrara apparatus and Road Rescue ambulances. Their newest piece is a Ferrara Inferno pumper squad that was mentioned HERE.The Limestone Township Fire Protection District station houses two ambulances, two engines, a pumper squad, a tanker, a brush unit and a pickup. Karl Klotz photo

  • In Momence, the fire department covers a whopping 92 square miles with a roster of 35 paid-on-call personnel from one station. They have three engines, a brush rig, two tankers, and a rescue squad. The apparatus was built by E-ONE, Pierce, and 4-Guys, plus one tanker that was built in 1964 by W.S.Darley and re-chassisied in 1989 on a Ford C8000 by Quality Manufacturing. Quality was purchased in 2003 by Spartan and now (with what was Luverne Fire Apparatus) have become what is known as Crimson.
Momence Fire Department Ford Quality Darley tanker

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First Division 27 department is posted

Beecher Fire Protection District engine deca;

Our first post in Division 27 is the Beecher Fire Protection District. They operate with 42 part-time firefighters out of one station and are responsible for a coverage area of 56 square miles! They operate two ambulances, one engine, one pumper/tanker, a quint with a 75′ aluminum ladder and a brush rig. Their suppression equipment is Pierce and their ambulances are Medtec and Road Resue.  In 2009 they replaced engine 406 and tanker 410 with a Pierce Arrow XT 2500-gallon pumper tanker.

Beecher  has interesting decals on each of the suppression rigs that are customized per piece.

Beecher Fire Protection District Pierce Arrow XT pumper tanker

Thanks to Karl Klotz for providing the images and department information.

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Spartan sells Road Rescue posted an article this afternoon which can be viewed HERE stating that Spartan Motors has sold Road Rescue effective immediately.

Road Rescue Ambulance Changes Owners

SPARTAN MOTORS INC. ANNOUNCED Monday that they have sold their Road Rescue ambulance business to a subsidiary of Allied Specialty Vehicles Inc. for $8 million.  The sale was effective immeditely upon the announcement and it removes Spartan from the ambulance business entirely.

“We can now look forward to what the future holds for Spartan Motors as we focus on Emergency Response and leverage the strengths of our two great brands, Crimson Fire and Spartan Chassis,” Spartan CEO John Sztykiel said in a statement.

Automotive World reports:

The company originally announced a realignment of its business in June in order to focus its resources on the highest growth and profit opportunities. It had planned to exit its underperforming Road Rescue ambulance operation by the end of 2010.  The transaction includes substantially all of Road Rescue’s assets, including the trade names and intellectual property associated with the business which is located wholly in Marion, South Carolina.

Sztykiel further stated:  “With this sale, we are delivering on the commitments we made when we announced our exit from the Road Rescue business … We can now look forward to what the future holds for Spartan Motors as we focus on Emergency Response and leverage the strengths of our two great brands, Crimson Fire and Spartan Chassis.  Over the last 12 months, Spartan has evolved, as has the Emergency Response market, and the Road Rescue operation is not large enough to justify the resource commitment when we have greater potential elsewhere. Road Rescue partnered with another ambulance company, where there is additional scale and product breadth, would be a real asset.”

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Orland is on the site

The Orland Fire Protection District which covers the towns or Orland Park and Orland Hills has been added to the site thanks to Karl Klotz. All six stations can be viewed along with the in-service and reserve apparatus. Karl has one ambulance (#1) yet to photograph before the listings are complete. Orland runs Pierce aerials and the engines are either Pierce or Darley. All of the ambulances were built by Road Rescue and are Type III units on Ford E450 chassis. The newest engines and ambulances were delivered in 2008.

Orland FPD Spartan Darley engine

Orland runs three of these units.

Orland FPD Ford/Road Rescue Type III MICU

Orland has several specialty units as well. They have a haz mat unit, small squad, TRT, dive, communications and a fire investigation unit. A favorite unit for many native Chicagoans is the 55′ Snorkel which is no longer in active service. It is reportedly used for public relations activities and lives at Station 6.

Orland FPD Station 1

Orland Station 1 at 9790 W. 151st Street with traditional red doors labeled with each company. Karl Klotz photo

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Libertyville is added to the site

Libertyville Fire Station 1

Headquarters Fire Station 1 is at 1551 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Larry Shapiro photo

In Lake County (Division 4), Libertyville operates out of three stations. Two of their stations are at either end of the district along Milwaukee Avenue and the third is on the eastern edge just outside the main Abbott Labs campus.

Libertyville Fire Department Quint 462 2008 Pierce Velocity 75' RM quint

Quint 462 runs out of Station 2. It is a 2008 Pierce Velocity with a 75' rear mounted aerial ladder on a full length chassis. Since the 75' ladder only requires one set of outriggers, Libertyville has added storage space at their disposal where the front jack s would be for a larger aerial. Larry Shapiro photo

Libertyville is a 100% Pierce department with regards to suppression units and their five ambulances are a mix of Medtec and Road Rescue.

Libertyville Fire Station 3

Fire Station 3 serves a dual role housing offices for the Abbott Labs Fire Department in addition to the Libertyville units. Larry Shapiro photo

Station 3 which houses a jump company with an engine and ambulance also has space which is home for offices of the Abbott Fire Chief plus classroom space. The Abbott command unit is housed in this station along with a spare ambulance and CERT trailer.

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North Maine FPD updates

Karl Klotz has sent in the following information about the North Maine FPD in Division 3 who has some apparatus changes in the works. They have put a 2010 Ford/Horton MICU into service as Ambulance 1 and reassigned the 2004 IHC/Road Rescue as Ambulance 1R.  The 1992 IHC/Road Rescue that was Ambulance 1R is now Utility 1 which will serve the TRT, Haz Mat and Dive Teams in addition to the investigators.

Engine 1R the 1992 Pierce Arrow pumper will be going to Alexis to be refurbished. This will return as Engine 1 reportedly with a black roof. The 2003 American LaFrance pumper will then be reassigned as Engine 1R.

North Maine FPD Ambulance 1 Ford Horotn

Ambulance 1 is running a new 2010 Ford/Horton MICU. Photo by Karl Klotz.

North Maine FPD Utility 1 IHC Road Rescue

Formerly Ambulance 1R, this is now Utility 1 servicing the investigators and special team responses. Photo by Karl Klotz

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