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A request for assistance …

Hi my name is Wendy Walker and I live in Newport Beach CA.  My family is from Chicago, my grandparents moved from Poland to Chicago and both my mom and aunt lived there.  I love Chicago and of course a HUGE Chicago Sports Fan.  I have been a nurse for 20 years specialized in Hospice Nursing but everything changed when I was diagnosed for lymphatic cancer.  Through out my medical career I collect Ed fire department T-shirts from all over the place any different states and I wanted personally come to Chicago and get or ask for a shirt.  After my last ER visit last night my lymph nodes are so swollen in my lungs I have a difficult time breathing and unable to travel.  I’m not getting any better and would love to end my collection with my last shirt from the city I love the most.  Could you send one to me from your department I would love that so much.  Please let me know if that will be fine.  Love your work love Chicago.
Thanks you all for all you do
Wendy Walker

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A request for assistance …

Hello my name is Lisa a Paramedic in Florida. I am asking for a favor ! My Husbands Father Retired from station 117.  His last name is Christ! Many years ago! But Keith Followed in his Fathers footsteps and has been in the Fire service for almost 30 years. I am trying to get a Shirt or something for him for his Birthday and soon Retirement that I will be bringing him back to the Station where is Father brought him to as a young man and told him every day I do whatI do Cause  I Love it ! And that’s why he has done what he Loves ! Service to his community and the Love of the Job! Brother Hood when you go out to Fight and make sure All come back Home to their Families! We live in St.Cloud Florida and would love to send shirts for exchange! This would mean the world to him as He also wears is Dads shield probably on his arm! Thank you for your time and Service if you can Help with this request I would really appreciate it! May God be with you today and Tomorrow and Never Leave one Behind! God Bless Lisa Frederick.

Lisa Frederick (


A request for assistance …


I am writing this letter to find out whether anyone from your fire department was there after 9/11/2001 disaster.

I arrived at the trade center on 9/14/2001 and I worked with the Chicago Fire Department. I believe we were by the Verizon building; to the left of the Command Center. I showed up with two spackle buckets filled with fishing spikes I believe it was your captain who examined the spikes and said “What the hell are those”? I replied, I fish on steel pipes and I don’t slip.

His response was, “Can I walk up the side of F’n building with them”?.
I told him, “That probably would be a bad idea”. “He chuckled a little bit and said, “Strap me up”. So, I did. He went on one of his many rescue trips and when he returned he said, “Where the hell have you been”? Strap up my whole team up. That’s how it started.

I don’t remember how many days and nights you guys were there before I arrived. You guys appeared exhausted as hell, but you all just kept going and going. You men were like machines. I could not believe how hard you all were working. My role in this was very small. I would tighten the boots up after each of your rescue missions as there were many.

After you men returned from one of these missions we were all sitting under a concrete overhand. I asked, “What more can I do”?
One of your men said, “Look at the bac-ho on the street dumping debris”.
You replied, “Listen up when you go down to where the FBI is going to ask you to look for certain papers”. You replied, “F them”.
You need to look for any kind of red hose or Brass, we need to track our boys.

I am pretty sure you guys were not too fond of the FBI. When I got to the street, the FBI asked me, “If I was a fireman”. I replied, no.
I’m just a civilian helping out. They threw me down to the ground, face first and told me, “This is a restricted area”. They put me in hand cuffs. I had two FBI guys one on my left and one on the right.

By the time I got to my feet I turned around and all you guys came charging down
the two FBI guys on my right and left had their faces in the mud like really quick. They had no idea what hit them. You said this to the FBI un cuff him he is with us.

The FBI and police stood on one side of the street Firemen on the other side. We never talked much at all so many people died. I’m sorry for all your brothers’ you guys lost. I can’t explain the feeling I felt when you guys stood up for me. Thank You I believe you guys left on Saturday 9/15 I worked with some other carpenters building some ramps and doing whatever I could to help after you guys left

I was by the exit and they were letting us go in groups. They were prepping us on how the media is going to be all over us. I stayed and spoke to the guy in charge.
Allot of People died here, the little work I did in comparison to you guys was nothing. There is no way in hell I want see the media never mind speak to them. So, he took me out a back way.

Now for the hard part. To ask for anything on a day when so many people died. I really feel like shit. I have been battling cancer for the last year. I had three major operations. I have not worked in over a year I just finished my chemo treatments. I owe quite a bit of money for medical bills. Pretty soon I get a cat scan to see if the chemo worked. I have no feeling in my hands or feet. I have two beautiful girls
That I support

I am a carpenter by trade I have trouble buttoning my shirt never mind picking up a nail. The doctors told me the nerves in my hand and feet may grow back and may not. I heard a add on the radio and realized I may qualify. I called and spoke to an attorney they told me I qualify for the world trade center Victim Compensation Fund. They told me if can prove I was there on 9/14 for four hours You guys are the only ones that can do this. The story above may not be perfect, my memory sucks but I tried to include enough information, so you would remember who I was. You may even have some of the spiked shoes in your basement. I know I was with you guys on the 9/14 for allot more than 4 hours. I just need a letter.

I have no idea where you guys are I am sending this out randomly if this is not the correct Fire department. Please let me know!! if you could kindly pass this on to any of your Brothers from the Chicago Fire Department that where at the trade center on 9/14 I would truly appreciate that

Thank You

Robert Duphiney
100 Seward ST apt B-12
Rockaway NJ 07866

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