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Norwood Park Fire Department news (more)

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Members of the Norwood Park Fire Protection Board have opted to join the new Harwood Heights Municipal Consolidated Dispatch Center, expected to open in September, going with it over two longer-established private services.

Norridge and Schiller Park had earlier agreed to join Harwood Heights in the new center, which will be located in new space in the village’s police station, 7300 W. Wilson Ave.

The Norwood Park Fire Protection District, which is based in Harwood Heights … provides fire protection and emergency medical services to Norridge and Harwood Heights as well Norwood Park Township, responding to approximately 3,500 calls per year.

The two other 911 centers Norwood Park was considering using — The Regional Emergency Dispatch (R.E.D.) Center, based in Glenview, and Norcomm, with a 911 center at 2600 Mannheim Road in Franklin Park — are farther away. 

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Norwood Park Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

The soon-to-open Harwood Heights Municipal Consolidated Dispatch Center is drawing interest, but it is facing competition, too.

The Norwood Park Fire Protection District Board is weighing a proposal to join the Harwood Heights 911 center when it opens at the end of August, but two other longer-established private services are under consideration as well.

Fire Chief Terrence Vavra confirmed last week that the department is weighing proposals from the Harwood Heights center, which is to open in that village’s police station, as well as from the Regional Emergency Dispatch Center (RED Center), and the Norcomm 911 Consolidated Dispatch Center, both of which have been around for decades.

The Norwood Park Fire Department, at 7447 W. Lawrence Ave. in Harwood Heights, provides fire protection and emergency medical services to that village as well as Norridge and Norwood Park Township, running approximately 3,500 calls per year. The department is currently affiliated with the Village of Norridge, which is one of the partners, along with Schiller Park, and Harwood Heights, moving to the new consolidated center.

Vavra indicated that he is still going over the proposals from the three bidders and the issue is expected to be discussed at the fire district board’s next meeting, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. July 17 at the Norwood Park Fire Station where costs and service are among the main considerations.

Harwood Heights Trustee Annette Brzezniak-Volpe, a member of the Joint Emergency Telephone System Board, which will govern the new center, spoke of the Norwood Park Fire District’s interest at the June 22 board meeting.

“The industry has a motto: Seconds save lives,” she said. “If our dispatchers get a call from a resident, and he has to transfer it over to Northbrook and the RED Center or to Leyden Township for Norcomm, it’s going to take time. They have to process the call, enter it into the system and dispatch the fire department (vehicle.)”

In addition, in the case of the Norwood Park Fire District, which is based in Harwood Heights, “all our local people pay taxes into this fire department,” she noted.

The municipal service is set up to provide a service and not turn a profit as the private 911 companies do, she said.

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Des Plaines police moving to Wheeling dispatch

The Daily Herald has an article about Des Plaines Police Department contracting with the Village of Wheeling for dispatching services. This follows the Des Plaines Fire Department moving to RED Center..

Starting next year, anyone who calls 911 for police in Des Plaines will get their call answered by someone in Wheeling — the result of a five-year contract approved by Des Plaines’ city council Monday. The move comes as Des Plaines readies to close its aging dispatch center on the second floor of city hall.

Des Plaines officials estimate they’ll save $4.1 million over the course of the five-year agreement by contracting with the village of Wheeling, which operates a dispatch center at its police department headquarters.

Des Plaines has dispatched its own police and fire calls — and handled dispatching for other local municipalities — for some 20 years. But outdated equipment and computer systems have spurred officials to decommission the city’s emergency communications center.

Police Chief Bill Kushner said major expenditures would be needed to modernize the facility, which has an increasingly failure-prone records management system that doesn’t interface consistently with the computer-aided dispatch system. There are issues with the dispatch system’s software, the radio system itself and the dispatch consoles, he said.

The dispatch center, at one time called the North Suburban Emergency Communications Center, previously handled all police and fire emergency calls for Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Niles and Morton Grove. Niles and Morton Grove left in 2012 after signing contracts for dispatching services with Glenview.

As soon as this August, Des Plaines and Park Ridge will have their fire dispatch at the Regional Emergency Dispatch Center in Northbrook. Park Ridge police calls will be answered at the West Suburban Communications Center in River Forest.

Kushner said anyone who calls 911 in Des Plaines — whether for a police or fire emergency — will first talk to a dispatcher in Wheeling. If the emergency is related to fire, the Wheeling-based dispatcher will stay on the line while the call is transferred to the RED Center in Northbrook.

Des Plaines officials say they talked with other agencies besides Wheeling. Officials from Northwest Central Dispatch in Arlington Heights and the privately held Norcomm in Leyden Township indicated Des Plaines’ call volume would be too high. Rosemont Public Safety officials were not interested. Glenview Public Safety offered attractive first-year pricing, with substantial price increases in later years, Kushner said.

Des Plaines officials estimate the city’s share of operational and capital costs at the Wheeling dispatch center will be $12.1 million over the course of the five-year agreement — $4.1 million less than if police dispatching were to remain in Des Plaines. Those costs include severance payouts to current employees, though Wheeling officials have said they plan to hire 11 dispatchers to handle Des Plaines calls, and the current Des Plaines dispatchers would get preference in hiring.

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