The Bedford Park Fire Department in Division 21 has three stations. They have a Pierce department with three engines including a brand new 2010 Impel. They also have a tower ladder and a Snorkel. Bedford Park was home to one of the first Pittman Snorkel units on a GMC chassis for the fire service. The first Snorkel was in Chicago, retrofitted by the shops on a truck that was bought by and built for the streets department and then ‘obtained’ by the fire department. Bedford Park’s original Snorkel is stored in town and evidently in need of restoration. They have since had several Snorkel aerials including the most recent which was built by Pierce in 1997. All three Bedford Park Snorkels can be seen in the header of the department website HERE. They have a well written and very informative history on their site that’s worth a read. Bedford Park also has the regional Haz Mat Unit which uses a 1991 Pierce Lance with the early series Lance cab. Thanks to Karl Klotz for supplying the images.

Bedford Park Fire Department Pierce Impel pumper

Bedford Park Fire Department Pierce Snorkel

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