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For the third consecutive time voters rejected a request from the Pingree Grove & Countryside Fire District to approve borrowing $8.5 million to replace two of its three fire stations. Voters cast 2,910 no votes and 2,519 yes votes with all precincts reporting Tuesday, according to unofficial results.

The locations for the stations would have yielded better response times, particularly as the district grows, Fire Chief Mitch Crocetti said.

The district had already purchased land on Dittman Road to build one of the stations.

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Pingree Grove FPD looking at new station

The Daily Herald has an article about the Pinegre Grove FPD in MABAS Division 2, is working towards building a new fire station:

The Pingree Grove and Countryside Fire Protection District is moving forward with plans to build a new fire station for its 50-square-mile coverage area.

The new station would be on 3.1 acres west of Reinking Road just north of Route 72 in the Cambridge Lakes North subdivision, Fire Chief Mitchell Crocetti said. The village board approved a resolution this week to donate just less than 1.5 acres to the fire district, which will purchase the rest from the Cambridge Lakes developer.

The fire district has about $2.7 million set aside for the $3 million project, and will budget another $500,000 next year, Crocetti said. Its annual budget is $2.5 million. Crocetti said he hopes to break ground in March and occupy the new station in the fall or 2013.

The district covers Pingree Grove plus 23 unincorporated subdivisions like Udina, Plato Center and Starks; it employees seven full-time firefighters, including the chief, and more than 40 on-call firefighters, Crocetti said.

The new station will have living quarters — now located in a trailer — and space for up to six vehicles with entrances on both sides, Crocetti said. There will be also plenty of room to expand. “We’re building it not just for today, we’re building for 30 years from now,” he said.

The district plans to sell its downtown fire station when the move is complete. Past village board members discussed buying the building as part of its long-range Heritage District master plan, but the current village board hasn’t tackled the topic, Village President Greg Marston said. “At this moment I can’t envision purchasing the property, but that is an opinion without information,” he said.

The entire article can be found HERE.

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