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McCook Box Alarm 4-27-13

This from Erik Haak:

At 1950hrs on Saturday, April 27th, the McCook Fire Department was paged out to the report of an explosion occurring at a metal grinding company at 4828 S. Lawndale.  First arriving companies confirmed smoke showing from the A and D sides at 1954hrs and elevated the response to a full still.   The fire was contained in the 125 x 325 1-story rear section of the complex which included several additions that were not involved.  At 2012hrs, command pulled MABAS Division 10 Box #14-01 after companies reported heavy smoke conditions in the interior.  Several aerials were used to combat the slow burning fire that had melted through fiberglass portions of the roof.  Riverside Truck 1629 operated from the northeast corner of the building and within the complex’s fenced-in lot.  It’s aerial can be seen raised in several of the photos.  Brookfield Truck 419 operated an aerial from the southeast corner and was set up on Lawndale.  Bedford Park Truck 705 operated a stream from inside the complex on the south side of the building.  Pleasantview Truck 1519 operated a master stream from the northwest corner of the complex and was set up on Clyde Terrace.  Tri-State Truck 529 was set up off of the Joliet Road side of the building but never raised their aerial.  Lyons Squad 1316 lit up the east side of the building where most of the fireground activity occurred.  McCook Engine 1416 can also be seen supplying water to Riverside’s Truck as well as several handlines.  Images pictured were taken approximately one hour into the incident.
Bedford Park FD Snorkel

Bedford Park FD Snorkel. Erik Haak photo

Brookfield FD Truck 419

Brookfield FD Truck 419. Erik Haak photo

Lyons FD Squad 1316

Lyons Squad 1316. Erik Haak photo

McCook FD Engine 1416

McCook Engine 1416. Erik Haak photo

Pleasantview FD Truck 1519

Pleasantview Truc 1519. Erik Haak photo

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Historic fire: Goldblatt’s fire in Mt Prospect, 1977 (pt1)

This from Drew Smith:

These are from the Goldblatt’s fire at Central and Rand Roads in Mount Prospect on Sunday, February 6, 1977 ( think I said it was 1976 in the earlier comment) and shows both Glenbrook’s and  MP’s Snorkels in operation. The GB Snorkel is before they sent it to Pierce for the new cab and chassis with it’s yellow paint.

Thought I had a picture of Rolling Meadow’s Snorkel at the race track but can’t find it.

Just came across this page which shows a ¾ shot of RM and Libertyville snorkels.

Drew Smith

Deputy Chief

Prospect Heights Fire Protection District


Randhurst fire at Goldblatt's in 1977

Drew Smith archives

Randhurst fire at Goldblatt's in 1977

Drew Smith archives

Randhurst fire at Goldblatt's in 1977

Drew Smith archives

Larry Shapiro submitted images of the Snorkel units mentioned.

75' Snorkel from Glenview Rural FPD

Glenbrook FPD 1968 Ford/Pierce 75′ Snorkel before the rehab. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenbrook FPD 75' Pierce Arrow Snorkel

Glenbrook Snorkel 8 received an enclosed Pierce Arrow cab and new paint scheme in 1986. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Aero Chief Snorkel

Mount Prospect Truck 2 was a 1964 American LaFrance 900 Series 90′ Aero Chief Snorkel with a 1,000-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Aero Chief Snorkel

Rolling Meadows 1970 American LaFrance 90′ 1000 Series Aero Chief Snorkel 630 had a 1,000-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo


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