“I very much regret to inform you of the passing of Chief Paul Boecker at 0810 hrs this morning.  Arrangements are pending. I will update you as soon as we finalize plans with the family.”

3 Fire Chiefs: A Loss, a Resignation and a Retirement (The Secret List)

Sunday, August 14, 2011   Hey, 3 stories about 3 Fire Chiefs: One who passed away this morning leaving an amazing legacy of service, another who resigned because of his very real concerns about liability as the Fire Chief-and lastly, one who is retiring after one heck of a ride.   1-CHIEF PAUL BOECKER-RIP“LISLE WOODRIDGE FIRE CHIEF AND NATIONAL FIRE SERVICE LEADER” Some of you, with no hair or gray hair will know the name Chief Paul Boecker-a big cigar smoking giant of a chief who made a positive impact locally-and nationally at the IAFC, ISFSI, IFSI, NFPA and numerous other organizations. Here is a wonderful piece that Janet from Fire Chief Magazine wrote about Paul, who passed away early this morning.


Janet Wilmoth August 11th, 2011
My chief is dying. The tubes and wires have been removed, the do-not-resuscitate order is in place and he is in a deep sleep — oblivious to the heartache growing in those around him. His has been a long, arduous journey, drawn to a close after a fall caused a massive bleed in his brain.
As I stood by his hospital bed and watched his loud, slow breathing, I thought about the first time I met Paul “Bud” Boecker. It was at the Lisle (Ill.) Volunteer Fire Department station, just after he arrived from the neighboring town of Naperville. He was only the second full-time fire chief hired by Lisle. (The first chief only lasted six months.) The two departments were rivals, in some ways — Boecker once called Lisle a “Mickey Mouse department.” Now here he was, their fire chief.

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