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Suburban apparatus photos updated

The following photos have been updated on the website to reflect the newer units in service.

Palatine Fire Department Crimson Engine 82

Rolling Meadows Fire Department Ambulance 15

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Palatine updates apparatus graphics

The Palatine Fire Department has begun changing the graphics on their apparatus to match the new package that was initiated with the arrival of Engine 82.  Quint 83 with the updated graphics was spotted Tuesday night at a house fire in Arlington Heights.

Palatine Fire Department Quint 83

Palatine Quint 83 with new graphics design. Larry Shapiro photo

Palatine Fire Department Quint 83

Previous graphics design.

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New Crimson engine in Palatine

The Palatine Fire Department has placed their new Crimson engine into service as Engine 82. The new unit has a 2011 Spartan Gladiator Classic cab and chassis with a 1,500-GPM pump and 500 gallons of water. It carries Crimson job #211035-01.

Palatine Fire Department Engine 82 2011 Spartan Crimson

Palatine Engine 82 is now running with this 2011 Spartan Gladiator Classic/Crimson 1500/500 engine. Larry Shapiro photo

Palatine has a different graphics package on the new rig using a department decal on the front door and a much less pronounced lettering for the ‘Palatine Fire Department’ on the rear crew door.

Palatine Fire Department Quint 83 Pierce Impel

The newest Palatine suppression unit prior to Engine 82 was this 2009 unit with completely different graphics.


Palatine Fire Department Engine 84 Spartan Crimson

The previous Spartan/Crimson engine had the traditional graphics to match the rest of the fleet.

Palatine Fire Department Seagrave engine

The traditional door lettering is shown on this 1965 Seagrave engine. Larry Shapiro collection


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