Northwestern University has donated roughly $253,000 to purchase a new ambulance for the Evanston Fire & Life Safety Department. An announcement posted this week can be found HERE on the City of Evanston website.

Northwestern University will donate a new ambulance to the City of Evanston, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl announced today.

“We appreciate very much the continued support of Northwestern University for our fire and life safety department,” Mayor Tisdahl said. “Northwestern University is a wonderful part of our community, and we are grateful to receive this generous donation.”

The new ambulance, which will be an advanced life support transport unit, will go into frontline service this fall, as soon as the licensing process is completed,” said Greg Klaiber, Evanston Fire and Life Safety Services Chief. “The new ambulance will replace a current unit that the city will then keep in reserve for use as needed. The new ambulance includes a power cot, power oxygen lift and a heart monitor/defibrillator”

In 2009 Northwestern donated $550,000 to the City for the purchase of a new fire engine, which went into service the following year.

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