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Vintage radio traffic from Morton Grove, 1-25-89

This from Steve Redick:

Here is a radio traffic recording I made of a 2nd alarm fire at 5945 Dempster in Morton Grove. I believe this was on January 25, 1989. The battalion chief who had the fire was Norman Ruth. This was a real dandy and I was there just after the initial attack lines were laid. If you listen closely you can here all kinds of classic dispatching and RED Center radio traffic from the good old days. The fireground traffic is very telling if you listen closely as well.  Old suburban traffic is hard to come by and is a very minute portion of my archive but this is a real classic.

The images can be seen here:



vintage Pierce fire trucks at fire scene

Steve Redick photo

Morton Grove FD Squad 1

Steve Redick photo

Niles FD Truck 2 Pirsch tractor-drawn aerial

Steve Redick photo

vintage fire scene photo

Steve Redick photo

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Down memory lane …

From Steve Redick:

Since it seems I’ll never see a fire again as they have been virtually eliminated here in Chicago I got sentimental and wanted to share some classic old images I came across….
  • The first is a rare shot of a smoke ejector working .. this is way before the recent rebuilds … you can see the smoke issuing from the top of the unit where the fan discharge is …
  • Next one is squad 2 … (not FMS 2) but they were reusing the old squad rigs when we had a squad in each district and they only had a few of the Ford Welch units
  • A shot of truck 25 setting up a ladder pipe … can’t recall the location but I seem to remember it being a Chinese restaurant of some kind
  • Niles Truck 440 … this was in the 6300 block of Touhy, and ironically enough I took this photo standing on the front lawn of the house I would eventually buy …
  • Elk Grove Village, classic tiller .. gotta love a Mack Pirsch anything!!
  • Niles, IL buggy … I always liked the two Borealis lights, but these were the newer model, not the old classics we are all thinking of … cool none the less
  • Not sure if I took this last one .. (might be Gordon Nord’s photo) … old Brookfield Seagrave engine


Chicago Fire Department smoke ejector

CFD smoke ejector 9-2-2. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department Squad 2

Former CFD Squad 2 was previously a Flying Manpower Squad. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 25

Setting up the ladder pipe on CFD Truck 25. Steve Redick photo

Niles Fire Department

Niles Truck 440, a custom Pirsch 100′ tractor-drawn aerial. Steve Redick photo

Elk Grove Village Fire Department

Elk Grove’s Pirsch TDA with a Mack CF tractor. Steve Redick photo

Niles Fire Department

Old Niles Ford Bronco. Steve Redick photo

Brookfield Fire Department

Seagrave engine from Brookfield FD. Steve Redick collection


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