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Division 1 construction updates

We have been following the progress of two new fire stations in Division 1. Mount Prospect Station 14 on Kensington Road opened several months ago but was not complete until recently when the bay doors were installed. Mount Prospect officials had refused to accept the bi-fold doors with windows on at least two occasions due to a substandard paint job. The building opened with solid doors as mentioned HERE and HERE. Today the station was photographed with the proper doors. As a side note, it appears that a reserve ambulance and a reserve engine are housed at this station which will require an update to the site listing.

Mount Prospect Fire Department station 14

Mount Prospect Station 14 at 2000 Kensington Road is now complete with the proper doors installed for the apparatus bays. Larry Shapiro photo

Mount Prospect Fire Station 14

Station 14 opened with the temporary solid bi-fold doors. Larry Shapiro photo

The second fire station that we’ve been keeping tabs on is the new headquarters Station 24 on Milwaukee Avenue in Wheeling.  Running about a month behind schedule, the majority of this project has been completed. The station has company quarters including kitchen, dayroom, bunk room and lockers on the first floor while the headquarters space and training room are on the second floor.

Wheeling Fire Station 24 headquarters

Wheeling's new headquarters station 24 on Milwaukee Avenue shown here is nearing completion. Larry Shapiro photo

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Division 1 station updates

The new station in Wheeling on Milwaukee Avenue is coming along with a projected opening in July. The new Station 14 in Mount Prospect still has not received the permanent doors with glass for the front of the apparatus bays.

Wheeling Fire Station 24

Progress as of June 2, 2010 on Wheeling's new fire station on Milwaukee Avenue. The station is due to open in July.

Mount Prospect Fire Station 14

Mount Prospect Station 14 on Kensington Road as seen on June 2, 2010 with the temporary solid bay doors.

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Mt Prospect Station 14 update

The Mt. Prospect Fire Department moved into the new station 14 10 days ago although it comes as no surprise that everything hasn’t yet been completed. The contractor wasted no time in demolishing the old station next door within days of the move. The new station shares the same address as the old station at 2000 E. Kensington. Aside from a punch list of things to do, one of the noticeable areas that needs to be completed are the front bay doors. Currently the doors are solid basic gray steel with no windows. Evidently the finish on the permanent doors has been rejected on two separate occasions. Initially they were removed to be repainted due to an ‘orange peel’ texture to the finish and when they were brought back they never made it off the truck! The permanent doors will have windows in them.

An interesting note about the construction of the station is that it is built to strict standards for sustainability during severe weather. After a storm came through town several years ago and produced a significant amount of damage, it was determined that the north end of town did not have a significant structure that would provide protection to the public in the event that severe weather was imminent. The exact standards to which the building was built were not available when this post was written.

So, these updated photos … will not be the last!

Mount Prospect Fire Station 14

Photo by Larry Shapiro

Mount Prospect Fire Department Staion 14

Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Mt Prospect opens new station

An article in Saturday’s Daily Herald announces that Mount Prospect Station 14 is now open.

Mount Prospect firefighters have moved into their new Fire Station 14, which has been under construction for about a year.The new $8.5 million building is located at 2000 E. Kensington and will serve the north end of down, said Finance Director David Erb. Mount Prospect’s other two fire stations are at Golf and Busse roads and downtown near village hall.The former Fire Station 14 was located on the same site and was demolished before construction began on the new one, Erb said.The village will host a grand opening at 10 a.m. on May 29.But before then, the Mount Prospect Historical Society will host a fundraiser from 6 to 10 p.m. on May 21 at the new station. The event will include tours, a “firehouse dinner” of chili, hot dogs and hamburgers, and an open beer and wine bar. There will also be live entertainment, an auction and giveaways. The cost is $40 per person and all benefits will go to restore the 1896 Central School – the building where the Mount Prospect Fire Department was founded on Sept. 29, 1913.”They certainly have come a long way from those days,” said Greg Peerbolte, executive director of the Mount Prospect Historical Society. “The entire force was all-volunteer and its equipment was comprised of eight buckets, two axes, two pike poles, an extension ladder and a roof ladder.”

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Division 1 construction updates

Work is progressing on the construction of the new fire stations in Wheeling and Mount Prospect as illustrated in the recent photos of both projects.

Wheeling Fire Station 24 construction

Wheeling Fire Station 24 as seen during the last week of March 2010. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Mount Prospect Fire Statin 14 construction

Mount Prospect Station 14 as seen during the last week of March 2010. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Division 1 construction updates

Here is an updated photo showing the progress of Wheeling (Division 1) Fire Station 24 being built on Milwaukee Avenue. The last construction photo was posted here.

Wheeling Fire Station 24 as seen on January 12, 2010. - Photo by Larry Shapiro

Here is a recent photo of Station 14 for Mount Prospect (Division 1) which is being built next to the current station #14 on Kensington Road. The previous update was posted here.

Mount Prospect Station 14 construction as of January 21, 2010. - Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Mount Prospect updates

It took a bit of maneuvering and a lot of help from the department, but with any luck all three of Mt. Propsect’s stations have been sorted out as the initial postings were not accurate. Engine 14 has been added to the site as well as Ambulance 13.



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updated rig photos

Karl Klotz has been vigilant in keeping an eye out for rig shots that are missing from this site.  He recently submitted the following photos:

Northbrook ambulance 12R

Des Plaines engine 64R

Mount Prospect tower 13

Skokie engine 16R

Prospect Heights engine 9

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Mt Prospect Sta 14 construction update

Work is progressing on the construction of Mount Prospect‘s new station 14 (Division 1). The apron was poured today and the exterior walls are being completed.


the apron was poured today


the walls are almost complete

The link to the Station 14 page on the website offers a view of the construction as of early September.

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New images added to existing posts

The following new images have been added to the site from Karl Klotz:

Northbrook Sta 10 (Ambulance 10, Engine 10, Dive Rescue 10, Light Tower 10)

Morton Grove Sta 4 (Engine 4 and Ambulance 4)

Des Plaines Sta 1 (Battalion 9)

The following new images have been added to the site from Larry Shapiro:

Glenview Sta 13 (Squad 6)

Mount Prospect Sta 13 (Engine 13)

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