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Lockport updates

Lockport Lt John Matthews submitted the final images to complete the postings at Lockport station 3. The TRT and Decon units are now uploaded … the TRT image is by George C. Reichardt. Another detail that has been added to Lockport are the individual station logos that they have. Each is quite different.

Lockport Company 3 logo

Lockport Company 3 logo

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Another addition to Division 19.

The Lockport Township FPD in Will County (Division 19) has been added to the website.  All 6 stations are up and almost complete. Thanks to Karl Klotz for all of the photos. Anyone interested in ARFF units will enjoy browsing through this suburban department that maintains 2 Amertek Crash Rescue Trucks.

The department is also ordering a 2010 IHC Horton ambulance to replace ambulance 1. The new unit is expected next summer.

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