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New engine and tower ladder for the Lockport FPD (more)

From the Seagrave Facebook page:

Lockport Township Fire Protection District of Lockport, Illinois has in production a new Seagrave rear mount Apollo 105′ platform. Thank you Lockport Township for your business and trust in Seagrave.

Some features of this rear mount platform include:
* Marauder 141″ stainless steel cab
* Cummins X12 500 HP
* 25″ cab access compartments
* 24″ extended steel front bumper
* Whelen LED warning lights
* Waterous CSU 2000-GPM pump
* Stainless steel pump plumbing
* 300-gallon water tank
* Seagrave stainless steel aerial body
* Harrison 10kW hydraulic generator
* FRC and Whelen LED scene lights
* 105′ steel platform
* 171′ of ground ladders

For additional information on this apparatus or other Seagrave products contact your local representative or call 715-823-1975.
SO 89R11

drawing of Seagrave Marauder Apollo platform aerial for the Lockport Township FPD in Illinois

click to download

thanks Danny

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New engine for Lockport Township FPD (more)

From Danny Nelms:

This was posted on the SST emergency products LLC FB page on July 23rd.

In process pics of 78K95. The second Seagrave for the Lockport Township IL FPD. Lockport also has a 105′ Apollo on order.
Seagrave fire engine for Lockport IL being built

Seagrave Fire Apparatus photo

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New engine and tower ladder for the Lockport FPD (more)

From Seagrave on Facebook:

The Lockport Township Fire Protection District currently has in production a new Seagrave Marauder engine for the town of Lockport, Illinois. Congratulations to Lockport Township and thank you for your trust in Seagrave Fire Apparatus.

Some features of this apparatus include
* Seagrave 141″ Marauder Stainless Steel Cab
* Cummins L9 450 HP
* 37 Inch Cab Access Compartments
* Waterous CSU 2000 GPM Pump
* Stainless Steel Pump Plumbing
* 750 Gallon Water Tank
* 146 Inch Stainless Steel Body
* Whelen LED Warning Light Package
* Whelen LED 12V Scene Light Package
* 184″ Wheelbase
* 32′ Overall Length

drawing of new Seagrave Marauder fire engine for the Lockport FPD in Illinois

click to download

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New engine and tower ladder for the Lockport FPD

From the SST Emergency Products Facebook page:

An overwhelming thank you to the Board of Trustees, administration and hard working dedicated professional members of the Lockport Township Fire District of Lockport IL on your order of a 2nd Marauder II pumper and an Apollo II 105′ tower ladder on a Marauder II chassis. We at SST are overwhelmed in the confidence you have shown in us and Seagrave. A thank you isn’t enough. Stay safe during this crisis.

thanks Hunter

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