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Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 Specials 1-22-13 (pt14)

Unofficial rundown of companies and times for the 5-11 Alarm with 2 specials at 3757 S. Ashland Avenue on 1-22-13.

rundown list of units sent to fight the large warehouse fire in Chicago 1-22-13

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Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 Specials 1-22-13 (pt7)

More images from the massive fire at 3757 S. Ashland Avenue on 1-22-13.

A large gallery of images by Larry Shapiro is HERE.

Steve Redick video, with images to follow:

massive warehouse fire in Chicago

The building at 3757 S. Ashland Avenue fully involved with flames through the roof. The header was visible for miles and flames in the sky were visible from the Dan Ryan Expressway near Roosevelt Avenue. Steve Redick photo

fire engine fighting huge fire

A firefighter on Engine 49 uses the deck gun from Ashland Avenue. Steve Redick photo


Click here to see more Steve Redick fire photos.

Another video of the 5-11, this one from Dave Weaver,

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Chicago 4-11 Alarm Fire & Haz Mat Level 1 12-20-12

The Chicago Tribune has an article about last night’s 4-11 Alarm fire at 11600 S. Burley Avenue;

Firefighters battled an extra-alarm fire Thursday night in an unused warehouse on the city’s Far South Side where the building partially collapsed.

The fire broke out Thursday evening at the South Chicago Recycling company near 116th Street and Burley Avenue, according to Fire Media information.

About 6:45 p.m., firefighters were experiencing water issues and a fire boat was on the way to help supply water, officials said. But the fire boat and a helicopter were unable to reach the scene due to visibility issues, officials said.

One firefighter was reported to have a slight injury and was taken to St. Margaret Hospital in Hammond, Ind., officials said.

A 4-11 alarm was eventually called at the scene as fire poured through the roof of the warehouse.  The warehouse was believed to house plastic materials and electronics.

The entire article with photos is HERE.

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