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Chicago Fire Department historical mapping

This from Jeff Harkey:

With recent changes to CFD units, I took the opportunity to update my lists and maps.

I hope to take up the continuing task of plotting significant incidents during the holidays. I’m currently working on the 1930s.

Here’s the link to the site for Chicago Fire equipment:

I want to make this resource available to your readers, but I also know that if there are any errors the readers will point them out immediately!

Have a great Holiday,


Map of Chicago FD truck companies

Map of Chicago FD engine companies

Map of Chicago FD engine companies

Map of Chicago FD truck companies

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New Book: Chicago Stockyards Fires

This from Jeff Harkey:

Just found this last night:

New book about fires at the stock yards, appears to be coming out next month.

Says over the years there were nearly 300 extra alarm fires at the Stockyards!


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Chicago Fire Department history

While researching historical fires in Chicago for a project, Jeff Harkey from came across an interesting article in the archives of the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Fire Department history

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