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Schaumburg orders ambulance

The Schaumburg Fire Department has placed an order for a new ambulance for Station 54. This will be a Medtec Type I on a Navistar 4300 chassis to match the ambulances at 51, 52, and 53.

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Schaumburg Ambulance 51

After seeing our post about Schaumburg Ambulance 53 last week, Nick Nerizi submitted an image of Schaumburg Ambulance 51 which matches Ambulance 53.

Schaumburg Fire Department Ambulance 51

Schaumburg Ambulance 51 is a 2009 IHC 300/2010 Medtec Type I. Nick Nerizi photo

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Schaumburg Ambulance 53

The Schaumburg Fire Department listing for Station 53 on Wright Boulevard has been updated to reflect the newer ambulance that is assigned to Ambulance 53. This is one of two Type I units received in 2010 that were built by Medtec on 2009 IHC 4300 chassis. The other unit is assigned to Ambulance 51.

Schaumburg Fire Department Medtec Ambulance 53

Schaumburg Ambulance 53 is one of two 2009 IHC 4300/2010 Medtec Type I units in service. Larry Shapiro photo


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Niles Ambulance 2 is updated

The web site has been missing a photo of Niles Ambulance 2 running out of Station 2 on Dempster Street.  Larry Shapiro stopped by and photographed their newest ambulance to complete the Niles apparatus photos.

Niles Fire Department Ambulance 2 Medtec

Niles Ambulance 2 was built by Medtec in 2009 on a 2008 IHC 4300 chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

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New ambulance in Morton Grove

Several months ago, the Morton Grove Fire Department placed a new ambulance into service out of Station 4. It is a 2011 Medtec Type I on an IHC 4300 chassis. This new addition shuffled a few units in the fleet. The previous Ambulance 4, a 1998 IHC 4700/Road Rescue became the reserve (Ambulance 4R) and a 1997 IHC 4700/Road Rescue which had been the reserve was taken out of service.

Morton Grove Fire Department Ambulance 4 IHC Medtec Type I

Morton Grove Ambulance 4 is running with this 2010 IHC 4300/2011 Medtec Type I unit our of the headquarters station. Larry Shapiro photo

Ambulance 4 is similar to Ambulance 5 which is a 2006 IHC 4300/Medtec with a different lighting package.

Morton Grove Fire Department Ambulance 5 IHC Medtec Type I

Morton Grove Ambulance 5 is assigned this 2006 IHC 4300/Medtec Type I unit which transitioned the black over red color scheme to an ambulance. Larry Shapiro photo

The apparatus at both Morton Grove stations has been updated on the site to reflect the current fleet in its entirety.

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New area deliveries – updated

Bill Friedrich submitted images of two recent deliveries that were mentioned this week for Bensenville and Carol Stream.

Bensenville Fire Department Spartan Metro Star Toyne pumper

Engine 87 is a 2011 Toyne pumper with a Spartan Metro Star cab and chassis. The top-mount pumper has a 1,500-GPM pump with 790 gallons of water. Bill Friedrich photo


Carol Stream Fire District Medic 28 IHC Medtec

Carol Stream Medic 28 is a 2011 Type I from Medtec on an IHC 4300 chassis out of their Station 1. Bill Friedrich photo

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