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Naperville’s new Engine 4

Lt. Andy Hilk from Naperville has informed us that the new 2010 Spartan Gladiator/Crimson engine is having equipment mounted before it is put into service at Engine 4, probably within the next week. The engine has a 1,500-GPM Hale pump, carries 750 gallons of water and 50 gallons of Class B foam. It features ROM Roll-up doors and has an 8KW Smartpower generator.

Naperville Fire Department Spartan Gladiator Crimson Engine 4

Naperville's newest engine just prior to going into service. This unit was displayed in the Crimson booth at the Fire Rescue International that was in Chicago this past August. Andy Hilk photo

The 1991 E-ONE Hush pumper which was in reserve has been sold to the Rockford Fire Department.

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Plainfield and Naperville updates

Lt. Andy Hilk of Naperville provided the following information:

  • Plainfield FPD has a new St.2 and Admin campus under construction on 135th St. just east of Rt.59, behind the Menards.¬† They also have 2 new rigs at St.2. ¬†(Not a good place for rig photos right now with all the construction going on.)
  • Naperville’s new E-4 is still at the dealer for prep work but hopefully we will get it next week.
  • Earlier this month Naperville shuffled some rigs around again.¬† I will let you know … where everything ends up.

Editors note: We can hardly wait to rearrange the apparatus that we have posted throughout the 10 Naperville stations!

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