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Hillside Fire Department update

The Hillside Fire Department in MABAS Division 20 was added to the site recently with images supplied by Bill Friedrich. The photo of the fire station which was posted did not accurately reflect the current building which had a second floor added some years ago. Ryan Wyckoff has updated the photo which has now been added to the site.

Hillside Fire Station

A current shot of the station shows the second floor largely hidden behind a very mature tree. The building has two bays in the front and another two on the side. Both ambulances use the side doors and the squad, the truck, and both engines use the front doors. Hillside's brand new Pierce Velocity quint can be seen in the station next to the 2008 Pierce Puc engine. Ryan Wyckoff photo

Hillside Fire Station

This shot was taken circa 1985, before the second floor addition, shows a small sapling of a tree that was recently planted in the parkway which has since become enormous. The station does not have the side bays and the apparatus visible includes a 1985 Grumman AerialCat and a 1975 American LaFrance pumper. Bill Friedrich collection

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Hillside has been added to the site

Hillside Fire Department

The Hillside Fire Station has been modified since this photo was taken and now has a second floor. Bill Friedrich photo

In MABAS Division 20, the Hillside Fire Department has been added to the site. Hillside operates out of one station at 523 N. Wolf Road, and they house two ambulances, two engines, a truck company, and a light-duty rescue. Apparatus is a mixture of Road Rescue, Medtec, Pierce, American LaFrance, KME, and Grumman. Any day now the Grumman will be retired and replaced with a new Pierce quint as seen HERE.

Hillside Fire Department Grumman AerialCat

This tower ladder is being replaced by a new Pierce 105' ladder.

Hillside Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT PUC

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New Pierce Truck for Hillside

Hillside FF/PM Ryan Wyckoff went to Pierce this week where a new truck awaits the Hillside Fire Department. They purchased an HD 105′ rear mount with a 2,000-GPM pump and 500 gallons of water on a Velocity chassis. This was built as a stock unit (job #23212) that they purchased with grant money from FEMA. After doing some minor modifications to the truck, it was lettered for Truck 403 and will be delivered shortly.

Hillside Fire Department Truck 403 2011 Pierce Velocity

The new Truck 403 for Hillside is this 2011 Pierce Velocity HD 105' rear mount quint which will be delivered shortly. Ryan Wyckoff photo

The Truck 406 will replace Quint 403, a 1985, Duplex D350/Grumman 102′ AerialCat tower ladder.

Hillside Fire Department Duplex/Grumman AerialCat tower ladder

Hillside currently runs this 1985 Duplex D350/Grumman AerialCat tower ladder, a sister to the tower in Bellwood. Ryan Wyckoff photo

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