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Worth Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa:

For #TBT, these are what I call the Worth twins, 2 FordC/Darleys, unknown age or specs.  Enjoy and comment.
Mike Summa
vintage Worth FD engine 6713

Mike Summa photo

vintage Worth FD engine 6723

Mike Summa photo

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The Color of Fire Trucks (part 11) Division 11

It’s been a while since our last article in The Color of Fire Trucks series. We are up to MABAS Division 11 this time with only one department to feature which previously ran with apparatus that was not red.

The Cicero Fire Department¬†purchased several units in the 1970s and 1980s that were solid white. They had a Ford/Grove 100′ rear-mount aerial, a Ford/Darly top-mount engine, and a unique squad on a Ford F chassis with a light-weight ladder similar to those used by outdoor sign companies.

Cicero Fire Department Ford Grove aerial ladder

Cicero Truck 1 ran with this 1973 100′ rear-mounted Grove aerial ladder mounted on a Ford C-Series chassis. The body was built by American Fire Apparatus. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero Fire Department Engine 3 Ford C-8000 Darley engine

Shortly after being delivered to Cicero by the W.S. Darley Company in 1981, Engine 3 was photographed outside the station. Built on a Ford C-8000 chassis with a rear custom canopy cab with a top-mounted control panel, this engine had a 1,000-GPM pump and carried 500 gallons of water. Larry Shapiro photo

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Homewood Acres is added to the site

Homewood Acres Fire Department station

The Homewood Acres FD station at 3860 W. 183rd Street in Homewood. Bill Friedrich photo

Bill Friedrich submitted images of the Homewood Acres VFD in MABAS Division 24. This is a volunteer department with two used 1972 engines on Ford chassis. One engine is on it’s fourth life with Homewood Acres.

Homewood Acres FD ENgine 1932

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