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Roberts Park Fire Protection District news (more)

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Roberts Park FPD Lieutenant Clint Sanders returned home after being critically hurt on the job after Christmas.

He just got out of the Loyola Medical Center burn unit. Investigators are trying to figure out how a small house fire in Justice quickly escalated and overtook him. He suffered burns to his hands and face, plus smoke inhalation.

There’s still a long recovery ahead and Clint’s wife has quit her job as a nurse to take care of him. His firefighter family has stepped up to help pay the bills. A GoFundMe page they started has raised more than $50k. The Roberts Park Fire Protection District is also taking donations at its station for the family.

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Roberts Park Fire Protection District news (more)

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A southwest suburban community is banding together to support a firefighter and his family after he was seriously injured battling a blaze in the area a couple of weeks ago.

Robert’s Park FPD Lt. Clint Sanders was injured while fighting a house fire in Justice just a couple of days after Christmas, and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. While he suffered third-degree burns on his hands, and first- and 2nd-degree burns on his face, doctors told his family it could’ve been much worse had it not been for his signature sideburns.

Now those iconic sideburns are a cause for celebration, recreated on T-shirts worn by his friends and family to a packed fundraiser in Hickory Hills held in his honor Sunday.

There’s no word on when Sanders will be out of the hospital, but he’s expected to make a full recovery in time. And when he’s ready, the nearly 30-year veteran of the department will be welcomed back to the district.

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Roberts Park Fire Protection District news (more)

A gofundme page has been created to assist the family of Roberts Park FPD Lieutenant Clint Sanders

We take care of our own. Make no mistake about it the Sanders family is our own. Members of our community that have literally made careers out of helping others now need our help. Clint and Sheila Sanders: a firefighter and a nurse- dedicate themselves each day to protecting, serving, helping, healing…things we might take for granted until we need them. You call and they come.They show up prepared for anything; anything except one of them not riding back to the station with them when the call is over. It’s probably your worst day if you need them. December 27, 2017 was their worst day. The day that one of them didn’t get to go home after shift and hug his wife and kids a little tighter because of what he’s seen “just doing his job”. Lt. Clinton Sanders of RPFPD was gravely injured in the line of duty and is being treated in the burn unit of Loyola Medical Center. He has a long road of recovery ahead. His wife Sheila, his son Ryne and his daughter Sophia are staying by his side around the clock along with his fellow firefighters. It is with heavy hearts and minds that we ask for your continued support through this most difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are appreciated but we can do more. We can join together in gathering donations to offset the financial burden this family faces. Even the smallest of contributions can add up to help offset lost wages and allow Lt. Sanders’ wife to remain at his side and do what she does best: nurse him back to health. The fire service family stretches nationwide and every one of us carries this weight with the Sanders family. We live each day knowing that this could happen and praying that it doesn’t. It’s the pride, the commitment, the tradition and knowing that the person standing next to you has your back that keeps you going. We can all stand with Lt. Sanders and his family now to keep them going. Whether you know them personally, are a member of their local community, their church and school community, places of employment; or even if you have always just been quietly grateful for their service we ask that you follow the link for the fund and offer all the support you can.

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Roberts Park Fire Protection District news


A firefighter with the Roberts Park Fire Protection District was in critical condition in the burn unit at Loyola University Medical Center following a fire Wednesday in Justice.

A spokeswoman for the hospital confirmed the firefighter is being treated in the intensive care unit there.

Firefighters with the district were reportedly at the scene at about 10:45 a.m. battling fire in Justice.

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