More images from the extra alarm fire on Sunday in Beach Park.

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12

Firefighters from the Countryside FPD force a door on the west side of the building to gain access to the heavy fire burning inside. Tim Olk photo

Five trucks were at the scene including Grayslake, Mundelein, Winthrop Harbor, Lake Forest and Gurnee. The last three mentioned went to work. The other units remained in staging while their crews were put to work.

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12

A firefighter in the bucket of the Lake Forest tower ladder directs a master stream into the building. TIm Olk photo

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12

The Gurnee tower ladder works on fire burning in the attic and through the roof. Tim Olk photo

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12

Just under 3,000 feet of large diameter hose was dropped along Lewis Avenue to a hydrant several blocks away. Larry Shapiro photo

Engines pumping at the fire included two from Beach Park, two from Newport Township, and one from Lake Bluff.Antioch, Countryside, Great lakes, Knollwood, Waukegan, and Zion also sent engines.

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12 Seagrave Maurader II engine

Beach Park Engine 1222 is pumping in-line, midway between the hose tender and the fire scene. Larry Shapiro photo

Several departments responded with multiple units including Lake Villa with two, Grayslake with two, Antioch with two, Fox Lake with two, and Newport Township with three.

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12 Newport township FPD

The Newport Township FPD hose tender is on a hydrant several blocks from the fire scene after dropping almost 3,000 feet of 5" hose. Larry Shapiro photo

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12 Fox Lake Fire Department

Working off a hydrant on another block, firefighters from Fox Lake refill their tanker to shuttle water back to the portable tanks near the scene. Larry Shapiro photo

Fox Lake responded with a squad on the fire box and a tanker on the tanker box. Libertyville also sent a squad on one of the fire box alarms.

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12 tanker tender operations at fire scene

Since the local water main was not sufficient to supply the amount of water being deployed at the fire, a tanker shuttle was initiated where up to three tankers could simultaneously dump into a series of four portable tanks that were tied together. Here, tankers from Antioch, Fox Lake, and Beach Park discharge water into the free-standing tanks that are being used by a Newport Township engine and a Lake Bluff engine who are supplying two of the master streams. Larry Shapiro photo

Eight tankers were shuttling water including Antioch, Beach Park, Bristol (WI), Fox Lake, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Newport Township, and Round Lake.

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12 large diameter hose fails

Water flows freely after a section of the large diameter hose failed. Larry Shapiro photo

Ambulances on the scene included Beach Park, Highwood, Lake Villa, and Pleasant Prairie (WI).

Beach Park commercial fire 5-20-12 building collapses

Several hours after the fire broke out, the building suffered a major structural collapse. Larry Shapiro photo

A video will be posted tomorrow. Additional fire scene images can be viewed HERE and HERE.

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