Excperts from the northwestherald.com:

An internal investigation into Harvard Fire Protection District employee misconduct unanimously was approved Tuesday by the district’s board. The board hired the Naperville-based Ottosen, Britz, Kelly, Cooper, Gilbert and DiNolfo law firm to conduct the investigation. The firm represents more fire protection districts than any other law firm in the state.  The firm’s billing rates are $225 an hour for attorneys, $160 an hour for law clerks and $150 for paralegal services. Retainer fee agreements to cover meetings and phone calls, flat-fee arrangements to cover fixed projects and flexible financial packages will ensure high-quality service to even the most financially burdened units of local government.

“As a result of our firm’s expertise and commitment to the fire service, we believe we will be able to bring a unique perspective to your district’s legal issues,” Ottosen said in the email. “We would welcome the opportunity to serve the Harvard Fire Protection District and anticipate no conflicts of interest with any of our clients.”

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