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Fire departments to share resources

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The Carpentersville, East Dundee, Rutland, and West Dundee fire departments have agreed to share expenses for equipment that will be used for incidents involving hazardous materials, water, and technical rescues, and special investigations in all four areas.

Rutland’s decommissioned squad will carry needed equipment and be housed at one of the Carpentersville fire stations.

“Carpentersville is firmly committed to the implementation of interdepartmental cooperation with the possible goal that at a future date we will merge the departments to provide economies of scale through better use of equipment, better use of staff, shared leadership and creative new ideas,” said Carpentersville Village President Ed Ritter.

According to West Dundee Fire Chief Randy Freise, Carpentersville Fire Chief John-Paul Schilling has offered to send personnel as needed for the special-incident teams and will coordinate with all other fire departments.

A committee of representatives from the four departments has met. Their plans include that initial crews from each department will respond to incidents, with the special-teams vehicle used as an additional resource for large incidents when needed,” said Freise.

This is an excellent way to combine resources for the betterment of the community. According to the agreement, the four fire departments involved will be sharing expenses associated with equipping, maintaining, insuring and storing the squad. It will remain titled in the name of Rutland-Dundee.

With smaller communities in the Rutland Dundee Township Fire Protection District like Sleepy Hollow struggling to make ends meet, this agreement could be the start of continuing partnerships with larger municipalities to provide shared services.

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Fire departments share resources

The TribLocal has an article about the Winnetka Fire Department and the Northfield Fire Department entering into an agreement to share fire inspectors.

Winnetka’s two-person fire prevention bureau will begin providing fire inspections for the village of Northfield under an agreement between the two municipalities.¬†Northfield officials approached Winnetka about providing services on a contractual basis after the village’s longtime, part-time employee recently retired.

At a quick glance it seemed to be a good fit,” said Winnetka Fire Chief Alan Berkowsky. “They had the same codes as us. They had pretty much the same ordinances. And of course their proximity is really close.”

Berkowsky said the agreement builds on an effort to save money by sharing services with nearby communities. Winnetka and Northfield already share fire and emergency medical dispatch with a number of other communities.

Berkowsky said Northfield is getting a “trusted, competent fire prevention bureau at a reasonable cost,” while Winnetka is getting a new revenue source.

The total annual fee to Winnetka will be $21,238, officials said.

Winnetka currently has two-part time inspectors, but one recently retired from the Glenview Fire Department, which will give him more time to devote to fire prevention, Berkowsky said.¬†The work in Northfield is expected take up about 30 percent of the inspectors’ time, according to village documents.

The services include annual inspections of 143 structures in Northfield, responding to fire prevention related inquiries, witnessing system tests, attending special events and coordinating plan reviews.



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