Excerpts from the rrstar.com:

The Rockford City Council approved an agreement that will expand the Rockford Fire Department’s mobile integrated health program, could reduce congestion in area emergency rooms, and decrease the number non-emergency ambulance rides.

Chief Derek Bergsten said under the program, Rockford firefighter paramedics will provide will conduct home visits with Medicare patients focused on preventative care, chronic disease management, and post-hospital discharge follow-up.

Humana at Home of Chicago will reimburse the city for the visits which will utilize existing staff and equipment. The cost to the city for fire department personnel and the vehicle for the program is an estimated $133,559 per year. Payments from Humana to the fire department are expected to total up to $8,400 per month and cover most of the cost.

While conducting a home health visit that can help reduce re-admissions into hospitals, fire department personnel also will conduct a safety check of the home or apartment. Those checks could include looking for trip hazards, making sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operational, and providing residents with fire prevention information.

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