Excerpts from the DailyHerald.com:

Faced with ever-increasing calls for service, the Lombard Fire Department now will staff a third ambulance every day round-the-clock.

Assistant Fire Chief Jerry Howell said the department responded to 6,699 ambulance calls last year and a couple hundred of those had to be answered by crews from neighboring communities because Lombard’s were busy elsewhere. He said he expects the number of calls to increase again this year for a variety of reasons.

Howell said the department acquired its third ambulance in September, but only recently received funding from the village board to staff it round-the-clock like its two other ambulances.

The department also can use engines to provide medical aid because they carry the same ALS equipment and medications as the ambulances, but only ambulances can transport patients to the hospital.

Every Lombard firefighter is a state-certified paramedic.

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