The Daily Herald has an article from over a week ago as does the Lake County News Sun which states that Lake Zurich Fire Chief Tony Mastandrea will retire on July 15.

From the Daily Herald:

Longtime fire chief Terry Mastandrea will retire effective July 15 as the fire chief/director of emergency services for the village of Lake Zurich.

Mastandrea has served the village and the Lake Zurich Rural Fire Protection District as chief the last 21 years of a 34-year career.

From The Lake County News Sun

He took over the department when it was still small and medical service and fire service were two separate entities. He successfully combined the two and was chief of the village department and the Lake Zurich Rural Fire Protection District.

There were only four full-timers on per day in 1990 and now there are four stations covering the 25 square miles of the district that handles an average of 3,500 calls a year with a 4- to 6-minute response time. He wrote the original rules, regulations and command structure for the department.


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