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Chicago Fire TV Show update

This from Eric Franzyshen

I follow your website ( on a daily basis and I saw the post about the rig that was purchased from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus for the show Chicago Fire. While browsing through instagram about a week ago, I came accross the attached pic with what appears to be the same truck, just on it side and marked up for Truck 81.  Let me know if you agree or not.
fire truck on Chicago Fire TV Show

photographer unknown

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Chicago Fire TV Show … reel not real (more)

From Dennis McGuire, Jr.

Here are the shots I took of that board with the photos from the set of Chicago Fire.
photos from the set of the Chicago Fire TV show

Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

photos from the set of the Chicago Fire TV show

Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

photos from the set of the Chicago Fire TV show

Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

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Chicago Fire TV Show … reel not real

This from a reader:

 i was in a group for fire apparatus photos on facebook and i do not know who the photographer is on this one, but this is a photo of the photo hanging on the wall inside the firehouse on chicago fire. it’s truck 7’s rig photoshopped to portray truck 81. thought it was worth a submission

fictitious Chicago Fire Department ladder truck

From the Chicago Fire tv show. photographer unknown

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Chicago Fire tv show filming

The Chicago Fire TV show has been filming an episode which includes a train derailment. This setup was in Union, IL this past week, and has a behind the scenes look at the filming.

Small town, Union, Illinois finds itself in the TV spotlight once again as the Railway Museum fills the need for a train wreck.

NBC’s hit show, Chicago Fire used the museum as a means to stage a train wreck for an upcoming episode.

This episode, airing November 12th is set at a train crash. If the location seems familiar, it should. The Illinois Railway Museum in Union has played host to many television film crews.

“We’re well-known in Illinois in the film industry, the Illinois Film Office, whenever film companies come here to Illinois, if somebody needs trains, they send them our way,” said Nick Kallas. Museum Executive Director Nick Kallas says money made from the filming benefits the museum’s patrons.

Actual Union firefighters, on hand for safety purposes watch with excitement. Firefighter and EMT Jessica Carr says the best part for her, is how realistic the interactions are. “It’s a lot of just how we interact, like, just the relationships between the firefighters and how we work on a major scene accident like this,” said Carr.

The article includes a short video segment and a few images.

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